Monday, June 30, 2008


I used to update a blog on, thats was back in high school (and a little after until February 2006). I tried starting blogs again, but something would get messed up, changing domain names or something happened with technosafari and wetwarehacks, I forgot the password. I should really get back to working on those CES kits now that I think about it!

I recently signed up for a blogging place called 'insane journal' to try and keep in touch with Laulina A. , possible burning man travel mate if I go. I made a couple really disconnected stream of consciousness posts, just completely letting go, I figure that would be a good place to do it, its called insane journal for a reason, no?

Also, on I made a blog post about my musical adventures, since it's a music myspace, for my musical creations.

So, I figure, this place will be my new xanga. I called it naked proof because I was thinking of just calling it "Proof", just a proof that I was here in the 4th dimension and I was actively doing "things". I added naked because of my handle "nak" and I thought naked proof sounded cool, all in the nude.

Well wish me luck, I hope to keep this as updated as my xanga in the year or so that it was up.