Friday, February 25, 2011

Using your browser history for self-analysis

I noticed my history had 544 items for today. I've decided to do a "live experiment" and use my blog for notes as I scroll up through my history. I hope to trace my thought pattern from throughout my day by studying the log of interaction between brain and browser.

It starts at 9:06AM with a check on my GMail, I investigate an instructable in which I hoped someone finally put together a device in which an expert finger tapper could be hooked into MIDI, but it was only Light Sensor Midi Gloves. Then a Facebook Friend request catches my attention and he friends me because I linked to a Alejandro Jodorowsky video explaining Tarot.
I take a 6 minute break, then it's working on my Blog post from earlier today, tuning the translation of that very video that triggered the facebook friend.

[Gmail]--Friend Req.-->[Facebook]--remembers video translation work-->[Blogger and various translation sites]

I then connect to OkCupid and do a match search, and think I recognize someone that I actually met when I had an account a few years ago. I can't really even remember her real name, only Internet name. Trips me out a little, her profile seemed a bit of a harmonic of the Beat poets life. Then back to Facebook, OkCupid and Blogger... rotating between all three, then I start trying to find a Jodorowski book to try and read in spanish, so I'm at a library site and booksellers sites. "La Danza de la Relidad" was my first pick, but no libraries had it in the valley, I might travel in meatspace tomorrow to try and track down one of his Tarot books in Spanish. I took a 43 minute break at 11:50.
From there I clicked one of my many toolbar bookmarks, a forum post asking for a direction for a project idea where I could program my windows to dance to whatever MP3 I am listening to at the time. No responses. Then I read a few sentences about D-Bus messaging, go back on facebook, look through someones photo album, try to download a python module for compiz (the window manager I use) but it turns out on further reading it wont do what I want, but I already sent an email to the guy asking for help (oops! acted too quickly...) 12:53PM

added a friend I met in Flagstaff on FB...
Reading about programming must've got me excited to hack something out, seeing that I did a google search for "audio file manipulation python"... then wrote a little poem for facebook:
"Venus to Mars, Earth is trine,
Love is the best anodyne " - O. Winfrey

more research for Python audio hacking...
Then another ~30min break...
Someone comments in broken english on my blog, so I respond as best as I could, they seemed pretty militant about whatever they had to say. I check out some more FB links, AIN23, the site mentions cut ups, which is what the program is being written for, I watch a couple youtube videos. One has a house cat licking and messing around with a dead mammal thing. Then I get a hair up my butt to try and find a cool Trigun video to post on FB, but I can't find any, but am reminded of Vash the Stampede's ol' saying "Peace and Love!".

I then look up Isaiah on wikipedia, because that prophet has been popping his lil' head up at me out of the old scriptures lately. Pretty interesting, I sort of want to read his whole dealio sometime. Ch. 34 is gnarly y profundemente!
I then go through a list of words I wanted to define in my physical notebook I have sitting in front of me from when I read "Overcoming the fear of death" months ago.

4:20 - 6:09pm I am on a walk in the preserves

the end of the day consisted of stuff... I'm bored now. I'm done.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

English Translation of Jodorowsky's Tarot Trump Explanations

I had always been drawn to the things that caught my attention, but did not understand. Tarot attracted me because it was very rare. I began to study the tarot card by card. I saw its structure: 22 major arcana, 56 minor arcana.
I saw the sticks, swords, wands, cups and gold. I identified them, etc.,but did not understand the Tarot. Then I began to shuffle the cards. I saw that they united each other and realized that the 78 cards could be arranged in a mandala, a single drawing. You see the Tarot in one fell swoop, and you realize that is a unit. And then you study it in parts. Once you analyze it, learn to see, because the Tarot has to be seen. No need to tell the future. The future is a scam. Tarot is a language that speaks to this. If you use it to see the future, you become a scammer. Simply, you're a charlatan. For me, the tarot was more serious. It was profound psychological research. Working with the Tarot, you see that there is a randomness, what is called syncronicity, everything is linked and there is no randomness and no odds. When you put your spirit into something, the phenomenon is produced. When you put yourself in something, when you go deep into a dimension that I call the dance of reality, the world dances around you and gives you what you're looking for.
One day a man came to see that world. He didn't know how old he was. He said: "I am a descendant of the family Camoin, which has printed the tarot for two centuries. I come to you to help me restore the tarot of Marseille." I had the wooden plates of the old tarot, I had collections of tarot. The materials arrived in my hands and we could restore the tarot. It was left exactly as it was in 1400. We could not go further because there was no more data. We restored the 11 colors, shapes, everything. Everything symbolizes something in the tarot. The tarot is a great encyclopedia of signs, a great visual language. All card games that you know decended from the Tarot, even common playing cards. It is a card game. There are not 78 cards in playing cards, they have 26 cards less. In the cabala 26 is the number of God. The English game of poker is Godless card game. In every place he went, he found a different tarot. There are as many as 1,500 different Tarot decks. I made a collection. But I knew I had a tarot that every other tarot came forth. "The only thing that counts is secret tarot, the tarot of Marseille," said Breton. "I do not understand it, but I respect it."

The Madman, the Fool: The total freedom without limits, without definition.
The magician is the beginning, choice, good choice.
The High Priestess: accumulation of experience.
The Empress: The original creator, without knowing where it goes.
The Emperor: material stability, total stability. Stable.
The Pope: A step beyond the stability, the beginning of spirituality.
The Lover: finally do what one likes, enter into a relationship with the world.
Chariot: Action in the world
Justice: given what you deserve.
The Hermit: go deep within oneself, in a crisis to raise the lamp, to find the inner light.
Wheel of Fortune: the end of a cycle, we need something to help us move to another dimension.
Force: Enter deep into the libido, animal forces, and realize them.
Twelve, the Hanged Man: go deep into your spiritual side, leaving a choice, one point separated from the world, stop the world and enter into yourself.
The Thirteenth: The arcanum with no name. It is not Death. The arcanum has no name, no name. It is the great, great, great revolution and transformation into something new.
The Fourteenth: healing. Heal, heal yourself.
The Fifteenth: the Devil. Go deep into your creativity with no fear of seeing. See all impulses arise.
The House of God, what was locked is now open. Out of bounds, out of mind. Out from emotional limits, out of all limits. Open.
Seventeen, Star. The Star is to find a place and once you find it, act in the world. Receive the cosmos and make Earth, purify water, purifying life.
The Eighteenth, Moon: the great archetype of receptivity, of the Mother Goddess. Poetry, madness, receptivity.
The Sun: the beginning of a new life, total love.
The Twenty, Judgment: The work finished, it has been discovered inside the animus and anima, your feminine side and your masculine side. Creation of a superior androgynous mind.
And the World, the complete realization. Your feminine side, your masculine side, your intellectual part, your sexual side, your emotional side and your earthly part. Let's the Fool go free, which is the total freedom ...
We went through all the arcana up to the World, to the total union.
Union, yoga, religion ... All that means union. A cellular organism is alive when it is connected with its environment. If a cellular organism is cut from its the environment, it dies. The human spirit is the same. If you do not join, if you do not you relate, you die. The Fool goes into the world to join with the world. When you join with the world, you lose your enemies.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A manual to live by

Each person is unique in some ways, however it has been discovered over and over again that there is a common thread between each person and their own personal religion. Take for example a modern Christian church, each person is there for a different reason, vibrating at a different level. I can only speculate from my observations (and I don't have many observations to go off of). A little girl could be there praying for a specific friend or family member, a teenage son could be contemplating their personal relationship between himself and the Lord, a biochemist finding Christ and the Lord in the scriptures as easily as he finds them in the genetic code. Each one with their own 'personal religion' brought together under the same roof, the same semantics(the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text).

With my recent conversations, any disagreement boils down to a disagreement of the semantics. Books like "The Tao of Physics" (which I haven't read much of, but have got a taste) connect the semantics of eastern philosophy to modern physics.

So, in order to have a book speak to you 100% correctly it would have to be written THROUGH you, filtering down through your map of the world, your language and the associations that you make to each word. 'God' may be the best word, or maybe 'the Tao' would be more appropriate, 'Cosmic Energy', 'Siva's dance'.

Your CHILTON manual, for your specific make, model and year may exist, but it may be like be a 'colloidal read' through space-time, a living dynamic experience where you learn as you go. Bits of reality seem to "speak to you" but, remember, that's just my personal religion. Maybe a literal bible of some sort is perfect for others, I can't say.
(A colloid is a type of mixture in which one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. Like 'signal' and 'noise')

My friend had a great example as to how we are all part of one thing but each of us has their own function in the 'grand scheme'. He said you wouldn't want your lung cell to start behaving like a brain cell, or your liver to be anything else than a liver. Each of us also has an inherent (esoteric) nature, just like a cell.

What about stem cells? I see stem cells as open minded individuals ready to take up the vibration of the surrounding cells, and basically become them, form the tissue. As humans I believe we all have a bit of 'stem cell' in us. We are susceptible to* our surrounding vibrations, to become a part of the system that is currently surrounding us. And if it doesn't jive we live in unrest, turmoil, and discomfort.
*(or can become susceptible to, if we are able to drop our current dogma.)

These negative situations seem to arise from self-deceit, 'trying to fit in', is a big one that I've seen, and experienced myself. Instead of letting yourself be taken in by peas that are of the same pod, or taking in other peas yourself, you find yourself struggling for affection and acceptance.
This is where gut feeling comes in quite handy, I DON'T believe you can rationalize what pod you're from, however, you can rationalize how being part of a different pod would be beneficial. I can see this resulting in an unhealthy, no-fun time for all parties involved.

It is tempting when another organ is giving you gold stars for behavior, and if you want to try and be assimilated, follow the gold stars and see if they lead you in a warm direction, experiment find out what works, no pressure. Your metaphysical family is waiting with open arms and wells of love!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Awesome geometry program, and I've only just downloaded it 10 minutes ago, intuitive, clean, snappy.

and free AND open source!

Check it out here :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Complimentary Genders

Gender Domains

I read what he had to say and contemplated it in a hermetic sense. (Not limiting to human/'sexual' gender)

Could be expanded upon, or contracted down, interesting model.

"Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful." - George EP Box

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If you don't believe in God (or some equally dogmatic axioms for your existence)
and you're not attempting Ayn Rand's Atlantisian passion(or equivalent) or attempting to embrace General Symantics(or equivalent)
Then I really don't know what you're doing besides attempting to scoff at yourself through all eternity.
That just can't be healthy, have a good deep laugh and let's get to the fun part!

Or whatever, I'm just a child... A = A OR A != A

I'm going with both. AND.

Monday, February 14, 2011

General Semantics

I like this model. Simple enough for anyone to get started experimenting with the interpretation of the art of reality feedback loop.

The image in the upper right is called the "Structural Differential" and is the reason why it's useful to make separations (during life) from Everything is Everything.

A Brief Explanation of Korzybski's Structural Differential

The qabalistic tree of life is quite a meal to chew in comparison!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There was quite a zombie craze going on in the unconscious... maybe it's still going on?


So, when living in a rental and I was weak enough to have friends (Or was I just stoned enough to stand people? whatever. Beside the point, AGAIN.) There would be people asking me for the WEP key to the network, I would read them off the key, and they would always ask
"Upper or lower case?"

which I would respond:

"It doesn't matter, it's just a number, the letters are just standing in because we don't have enough digits for base 16, A through F plus 0 through 9 is 16"

But today as I was dinking around with C, a language that is much more mindful to what's happening under the hood than Python, which is a language that is much more mindful to what's happening as to the formatting of the syntax. I came across %x and %X in printf(), which the only difference was whether the A through F were UPPER or lower case. Then I thought about the many times where I was asked for the hex key.

Then it dawned on me, it wasn't a JUST A NUMBER, A through f were SYMBOLS representing a number. Maybe there was some universal upper or lowercase symbolism to represent base 16? Or even !@#$%^ ...those symbols used instead as place holders, ca-razy~!

"It doesn't matter, it's just a number"
Another case of how anytime someone says something is JUST something, they're usually wrong, it's so much more!