Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HASP hardware key and FlexLM license file

I think it's been cracked, just need to see what grandpa says...

Monday, September 29, 2008


Today I flew a kite after I rode around looking for a nice place to fly. It was surprisingly easy to get the kite up in the air. I flew it around for about 10-15 minutes then the wind died down and the kite fell to the earth.

My grandpa came over and we tried to get his software working on my computer, but it turns out the hardware key (yeah this software is expensive and protected) ran out of battery power. I'm working on cracking it right now.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Riding Bikes

Yay, friends like to ride bikes now. :)
Yay, friend has a ham radio now. :)

So I applied at NAU. Physics-Astronomy combined BS. I've also been looking at WWOOF seems pretty cool. My friend Carl and his girlfriend Meghan are in Hawaii doing that right now.

Thanks, bye!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I still haven't found my camera, so no neat pictures.
Charlie got his 2M rig yesterday, it has been pretty fun so far.
I have also been turning an antenna around and around for my grandpa again, testing front to back, here's some old footage:

I laugh at the end with the pit-patter of the footsteps.

I also made a mouth bow a few days ago, my sister let me use her camera:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today I shipped off my defcon badge, sold it on ebay for ~56 dollars. I also went to bashas, got some cereal straws, pop tarts, whole milk and crispex.

I also ordered a new harddrive for about 55 dollars yesterday, a nice even trade for the badge.

Sorry about the long time feeling low yesterday, my grandmother gave me shit... she is so self-righteous that she doesn't even realize she is hurting her kin, and she is so dense she does not realize why her daughter/granddaughter don't even try and communicate with her anymore. I realize that she is basically drunk on her GABA, It's all based on old farts brain chemistry. But it's like you are at a party and some drunk guy comes up to you and starts giving you shit, alluding by requesting less government and more freedom that you (I don't know where she pulled this one lol) support hardcore child pornography, it's like bro, shut your mouth... I know you are drunk right now, but you are getting really annoying, I'm going to sock you!

So I did, I've socked my grandmother's brain with words (I like fucking with people's heads too much) just started talking non-sense, because thats all you can counter non-sense with... more non-sense.

She did make me think about what to do with my life, I guess it is time to pick some other goal to achieve. How about going to NAU and study forestry? Time to research that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

at the minimum...

Yeah, I'm at the minimum of the sine wave again. I guess bipolar people have more of a squarewave shape to their mood, I guess as long as you realize its a waveform you can hope that you are at the bottom and the only way to go is up. The maximum is great, ultimate slack. If only other delusional people were nicer, if only I were nicer in an honest way... nicesty through lies is horrible, you destroy yourself.

The schools train people in deceit, it's disgusting. Our water supply is full of second hand antidepressants, it's horrible. Ideas change the world. I don't know what to do, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to tell the difference"

If I could cure the world with a joke, I would, I am a prankster, a joker. I wish I could give everyone the little bit of happiness I have called wonder. Everyone is so brainwashed, I don't know who I can talk to, "crazy" people make the most sense. The wackos, nutjobs, everyone who is looked down upon are the one's that see.

Hahahahahahahaha :) Who knows who is telling the truth, my personality isn't transparent, I've created it to protect myself, I HAD TO. IT'S WHAT I'VE LEARNED TO SURVIVE, TO EXIST WITHOUT BEING TORTURED. But now instead of outsiders torturing me, the balance of power has become internal. This is why PUNK ROCK, exists.

Crying tears and laughter live next door to each other on my wheel of emotion. My grandmother asks me "WHAT ARE YOU ON?" when I explain hastily the church of the subgenius. She thinks I do nothing, just leave me alone. I wish for people to leave me alone, I am not lonely, just alone, one is a feeling a state of your wheel of emotion. Alone is a state of physical being.

I witnissed a young man 'freak out' tonight, wasn't me, but I felt for him so much. I know the strain, the desires, the social awkwardness all these things feed dark wolves in our heads.

My grandmother has tempted me to sell all my things for money, use the money to travel around the country. My father won't approve of that activity. Everyone is such a hippocrit, I wish they would concern themselves WITH themselves, other than ME. HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE, WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING YOURSELF. NOTHING ZERO.

1. Fact: some observer is experiencing this right now, I can't call the observer me, I can't call him by my legal name. He is something that has been constructed by a creator, stimulus if ... then statements.

That's all, anything else is a construct of something. Evolution, God, what the fuck ever. Doesn't matter... all that exsists is THIS MOMENT, anything else is an construct of the left hemisphere. Or will the left hemisphere say say the exact opposite, this is a left hemi. world we live in. People using the RIGHT to control the LEFT which DESTROYS us. Right as in emotions such as FEAR and LOVE. Fear of DEATH, the UNKNOWN which are one... LOVE for LIFE, SEX, MONEY, CHOCOLATE ahhhhhh YES.

Conculsion: My head sort of hurts, I am wearing a half-smirk on my face, and it's 12:05AM Tuesday, beautiful Tuesday.
"I've been there before, it's not very fun, between this and that isn't very fun"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

4.99 Large 1 topping pizza

From papa john's. It should be here soon, I'm ready for it. If you like good beer try Fat Tire - 1554. It's a black ale, it's like drinking a dark chocolate beer, absolutely great.

YES, I ate it.

My camera has been missing for about a week now, it may be gone forever.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My back

Dear Blog,
My back hurts, I slept with an extra pillow and it destroyed my upper back. I went for a bike ride, broke the law, and enjoyed the clouds, rain and lightning. I've also been reading a few pages of slaughterhouse five between procrastinating. I've been thinking of starting a religion (I said that last post) but I really haven't been on a quest yet, so I believe that will be the first step, a quest, I don't have forever so I should really get on that.

ARGH, I don't know. This is so ridiculous, why do we have the machinery to torture ourselves? Why can we ask "WHY?"?! Where does that question lead us? To suicide? To God? To humanity? This is nuts. We can distract ourselves from that huge WHY, by figuring out HOWS and WHATS and WHENS, scheduling, dissecting, destroying, creating, meeting, loving, hating, warring... but that motherfucker is always going to be there when the dust settles and you are between this and that, the WHY comes up... WHY do the next thing.

For money?
To survive?
For sex? For love?

Is there a goal that needs to be completed? What's my part? How can I help? I want to know! BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW.

Maybe we are little gods and goddesses, and there are no answers, we can choose to buy into other's universes or we can create our own (that's where the desire to create a religion comes in) and by creating our own universe we can become the most powerful beings the WHYS are answered because WE WROTE THE ANSWERS in this little book here, we got to CHOOSE the answers, if you don't want to make answers up yourself, there are plenty of people doing that already... pick a philosophy! Or maybe pick two! or SEVEN, one for each day of the week.

I'm going to sleep now. Sleep at work, awake. Sleep at school, awake. Sleep while dying, now.

There he is with his shit eating grin, thinking he's got it all figured out... there was always a time, and always be a time because moments don't disappear, like something to nothing, they last an eternity, little folds of material...

...then my internet connection drops, I'm feeling much less crazy today. I pee'd this morning and saw how dehydrated I was. Being dehydrated can make you a little crazy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Eternity at the Zoo

Haven't been doing much besides keeping the party going, making music on my gameboy, reading slaughterhouse five, spinning the antenna on my grandfather's roof.

Right now I am listening to the beginnings of a song I'm working on ... "An Eternity at the Zoo", I like it. It uses a scale like this: C5 D# A# C in an arpeggio for the bass line, the lead is done on the WAV channel, it's tight. I am planning on starting a religion, it will be good.

Thanks for playing (Click to hear the song)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BRC Pics posted on picasa


Just some of the better pictures from the burn!

May upload some video sometime

Monday, September 1, 2008

Back from the burn

Yep, survived ,had a crazy (read excellent) time. Got to see Sasha and Anne Shulgin! (pictured) Met many interesting people, partied for 24 hours and watched the sunrise once, saw some Bismuth crystals, did some vocal chanting healing, drank a variety of mixed drinks and tried scotch for the first time, danced my butt off, painted some picture, formatted one of my camera's memory cards by accident (recovering media right now) , fought in the THUNDERDOME and did many other things that have probably slipped my mind for the moment... one hell of a "arts and crafts show" as my grandma kept calling it, I should just show her the list of events, haha! More pics coming probably.

Time for a little rest.