Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictures of things for burning man

This is what my packing looks like right now, hmmm gonna take inventory and get a meal plan!

Got some ruffles on my coat and added an Albert Hoffman stencil (Thanks to

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping, building for the burn

I got the VU meter on a piece of PCB, the picture on the veroboard before wasn't a functioning unit, I made a mistake going straight to soldering the unit, without breadboarding it first. The pictures is of the unit when it was almost done, I strapped a 9v battery on with a zip tie and added a switch for on/off. I then zip tied it to the front wheel of my bike, it looks pretty cool, I tried taking some video but you really can't see much.

I also took a trip to savers and got some playa clothings, went to target and spent the rest of my giftcard on medicines (like tums and tylenol and pepto) also went to walgreens and got a 3 pack of rubbers, just in case something AWESOME happens and a box of top so I can roll some party cigs :)

Leaving on Saturday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Show video and playa bike update

I borrowed my dad's dremel tool and got the PVC elbow's inside diameter to fit the bike's handle bars (which will be epoxied) I will drill a little hole in the elbow and run the wire out to the solar panel in the middle of the handlebars which will be secured with zip ties and probably duct tape :-P

The show last night went very well, met Chris of yatagarasu, very cool fellow really enjoyed his highly energetic performance! Talked to the coitus and got to look at some of his instruments, I really liked his strobe + squarewave oscillator instrument that had a photocell resistor on it, it was build into a flashlight casing, very nice! Melted cassettes broke my eardrum (not really) but that's not a bad thing, manzareeeta~ cool UV patterns all over.

Well here's the video my sister took of my performance:

I also got a large chunk of PCB board from the shack today, going to be soldering up the VU meter on that for spoke mounting :)

Monday, August 18, 2008


Slack has been attained

LIVE ACTION Show Tomorrow!

So yes, tomorrow is IT.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Another project

I was thinking of attaching a microphone stimulated VU meter to the spokes of my playa bike, so I ordered the parts a few days ago, and got them in the mail today.

I started putting one together, I'm not following any instructions in particular, I sure hope it works :-/

I guess it will be an experiment! Also put together another LSDJ-MC2, I'll only be using it in sync mode in the show...since I only have 1 gameboy.
I don't know why the pics are sideways.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Defcon 16 Video and a few pics

I think I am going to concentrate on constructing better sentences, I've noticed my blog has gone downhill in quality of writing!

Here we have a video of some Defcon 16 happenings:

I was really impressed with this guy, pic taken as we were leaving Vegas on Sunday.Too funny... "Build the perfect dirty bomb", only at Defcon.
Censored license plate, probably could find another photo w/plate #

Sunday, August 10, 2008

... And back from Vegas!

Pics/Video/Stories coming soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heading out to Vegas...

Defcon 16 -- 2008 LET'S DO THIS!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here are my babies, I bought the green/black one on ebay as non-working, got them today, cleaned up the cartridge contacts and the battery contacts and the PCBs, and ta-da! They work! The green one was harder to get working, as it involved getting a cartridge saturated with isopropyl alcohol and jamming it in and out a few times, but now it works consistently.

The LSDJ-MC2 sold today for $184.50.

Now I am just waiting for my Weller soldering iron to get here, I would like to start working on some projects!!!

I also got "Six Easy Pieces" by Richard Feynman, I'll probably ram my way through that tomorrow and get packed up for DEFCON 16! Leaving Thursday for that.

I took my sis to school to get her a new bus pass, they are using RFID now!! This is so exciting, I want to hack it!11 Time to sell the magstripe writer and get some RFID equipment XD...

I'm also waiting on a memory card reader for smart media cards so I can load custom samples from my computer to my Korg ES-1, as well as some cheap ($1.18) red laser modules to hook up to that light chaser box... just imagine that running with lasers in a dusty/rainy environment, omgomgomg.

ARGH!! I want that soldering iron soooooo bad ;3; piri piri piri!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

LED Chaser/Follower: Video

Enjoy! Today I moped around,helped people with homework, recovered from the party, the heat is killer.

*edit*: Pics from the bender

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just rambling, but oh yeah FUN rambling

Heck yea its SATURDAY!

I cut soldered and recorded the building of the rest of the light chaser thing this morning, then I danced around it to some CD I got at a rave I went to with my IT security professor, then after that I went to a burning man rebar bender party until like 9ish and it was pretty great, bought some sam adams and drank some of them and some margaritas and some cherry vodka and some other beer that was really good. My light chaser thing decided to die on me so I was like darn, until a guy showed up to the party with a really nice weller soldering iron, I was jealous, and I fixed it. Then we talked about atmel stuff and his monkey electric POV bike light mods 'n stuff. I met a lot of people. At the beginning of the party we were trying to figure out a way to power a pump, so we went to goodwill to find a power supply 12vdc at 2.5A, but there were none to be found UNTIL I found a computer at 1/2 price 19.99/2 = 10. We used the 10 dollar computers power supply for the pump, it was pretty fantastic and fun doing that. At first I used the 5 volt output and I was like shit... I forgot the yellow wire was 12 volts. But all ended well with the pump working, it was tiiiiiight.

I'm drinking a lot of water right now in order to hydrate myself before I go to sleep so I don't ever have to experience a hangover, ALRIGHT, this is GREAT.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Light Chaser

So I got my All electronics order today and got a lot of the light chaser project done (It's in the picture). The yellow wires go to 1/8" mono jacks. It's 'my own design' but it's pretty simple, just a 555 timer hooked to a 4017 decade counter with some resistors for the LEDs and a pot to control the rate, that was the hardest part, I tried a few different combinations of components until I thought of adding a ~1k resistor in series with the pot and making that R1, that make it sexy and awesome, I had 3 LEDs hooked up at one point to test the circuit.

It also looks like I'll be playing on the 19th again, minds changed, plans were made... so... yay! Here's the lineup:
Melted Cassettes*
Geiger Retort
NaK (me)
Ok Cool (couldn't find a myspace)
(*linked in previous post)

I also got my prophet64 cartridge in the mail, I think my C64 has the older crappier SID in it, I guess the newer ones got SIDs with better filters. I played around with that a little, but didn't get very far.

Tomorrow is another local burning man party (rebar bender), hopefully I can get my LED project thing done, or even work on it there.

Here's a link to my attempt at throat singing. I said I would post it!