Monday, June 27, 2011


My kin!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Meth Problem

from an insightful facebook post:

Huh, weird. I guess I am just an extreme libertarian, and view addiction as a sickness instead of a problem to be solved by violence (but sure, go ahead shoot some "people", in your eyes they are but husks beyond help... and killing is fun for the whole family!). And it is true, I have used meth in the past, but I have done, and will do everything my feeble human mind can render, and perhaps whatever the greater mind can render above my own. So, sure, I can get groovy with your murderous, barbarous and also (in my eyes) sub-human ideologies, but perhaps this scourge of "meth on weakling wills" hasn't touched my life in the way it has yours.
Maybe I've been extremely lucky. Or maybe the pinks are sick minded (both meth-heads and murderers) that don't quite understand where the other is coming from. I appear before you as mere scum, where a human being used to be, however as this scum I recommend reading the introduction to "Naked Lunch" to get some insight into the Sickness and another clue as to how deep the conspiracy really goes to make you a dependant look-a-like clone of your nahbor. Homosexuals were jailed, hunted because of their lifestyle... during my month of use I had to hide it like I was a homosexual in those times, people would have over-reacted due to propaganda and mass-mob thinking, perhaps I would have been assaulted just because I had ingested a chemical. Maybe I am a demigod due to my control of "addictions"... but I really think there's more to that and the control THEY have over US. You are a SUBGENIUS right? Re-read the good book.

Legalize meth, the problems will go away. Do like the UK does with H, horse, junk, dope. Cut the need from the addicts at the bottom of the pyramid scheme, and the pyramid will fall. I really do re-suggest reading the introduction to Naked Lunch...

I was talking about the guy who wouldn't pay you for your work from weeks ago. And kick me off your list, :P whatever that means. Keep it cool kiddo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Modern Invocator

AS I AM A child of the universe as well

If there is child, then I AM THE FATHER

HA HA HA! FOOL. Your bold rancorous words are comical. You are lucky, for I could smooth the wrinkle known as your TOTAL existence from the dimension from whence I leaked due to your foolish... experiment? Is that what has brought me here?
There is no time from where I come from, I only Am. But now I Am here, with you. You being someone who wishes to be called "father" and wishes to call me "child", however, I am no fool human. I know of your people's word weaving, their sigils of centuries of aeons past, and the tricks of the letter-folk, and the taxonomists divising divisions. Don't think I am static as your methods change.

Yes, I know of these folk as well... but remember your leak here would not be if not for my experiment. Don't think of me as a master, a superior, but do not think of me as a servant; NAY! It is bidirectional non servium. I brought you here, and just as you say you could wipe my existence, I can wipe your interference pattern from mine as well, which I will do now just to make sure I am not a liar...

The metaphysicist leans over to his astable oscillators and flips the off switch. He has a circuit reading the current ELF of the Schumann resonance, and another circuit generating 5 harmonic frequencies, each higher than the last. The first oscillator a doubler the original measurement.
Each oscillator is fed into an pancake inductor with a chip of moldevite in the center of the flux, with the lines of magnetism "flowing" down through the center and up around the outer edge through the stones.

Did the apparation's information leakage stay? Or did it go? -- a ghost!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


With the dollar bill, every choice you make is a reflection of the choices made above you.
Why does god allow suffering? When is the last time you had a peice of meat? Used a service that
put someone in a position that caused them suffering in their lives? That is the same reason. Why did you perform these "spells" using masonic tokens? For pleasure, out of the sense of "NEED" to keep "your PRECIOUS(body)" yours, and functioning. "God" also finds pleasure in certain things, and has a body (think ecosystem, economic system etc) as well.

Imagine how domesticated pets view their owners. We may view our benevolent god in a similar fashion, others aren't lucky enough to be domesticated pets, they have been born into a industrial processing scheme, a scheme that is very similar to our slaughter houses here for our animal brothers here living along side us. Above so below... and so I mean, lateral thinking. God doesn't live ABOVE us (but in a way he does; if take the view that the chickens, and plants are BELOW us on some sort of foodchain that has a beginning and end...(a falsehood if you ask me)) it's all lateral, and as Michael V. Smith says "Thou art god!" -- I interpret to mean it as such. The ouroborous, snake feeding on it's own tail.
Chasing it's own tail. Beating it, talking to it.

How to rename extensions (batch) in Linux

rename 'y/JPG/jpg/' *.JPG

change as necessary.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just gonna blah type

And by blah type, I mean type whatever I want and post it on my blog. I just read an article in Scientific American about quantum physics(again...) and I feel like saying "Yessssssss!" under my breath, it's getting closer and I feel weird still (I'm still human, so that's a given... illuminati slave-bots fnord fit in and feel normal) and not quite a realized singularian of entangled information leakage.
The author's bio line was awesome too. He has 3 kids and plays a guitar on a marshall amp with the volume turned up to 11.
Now I get up to talk about Spaghetti with my dad.
Finished eating spaghetti.
Chubby fat girls with beards, drinking malted milkshakes and flashing you their panties and giggling.
Demon mothers made of plastic energy, with faces that never change, scary big teeth but I love you anyway.
Dogs that give you boners, and kids that make you cry. Fly forever normal man, and electricity is AwEsOmE. Human crystalline structure, follows some basic rules... take no advantage because there is none to be had~
Sit and spew your radical ideas from Byzantine, and make new ideas from the Aztecs. Eat what is given to you, and hold your breath (always little breathing).
Laugh for the lulz and see the corruptions take place, all eyes now turn and clobber the one at the top, it's the same concept though, and it was taken and given without a notice in the papers. The rifles never stop long enough to cool down, words are worth only so much to a mind that has this much.
Ok, so it's really interesting how that kind of stuff isn't standard communication practice. The convolutions of concepts being forced through a filter of semantic maps, deforming the ideas that wished to be communicated in the first place, and perhaps even the originator forgets the original intent during the formulation of the 'proper construct' to approximate the communication of the idea to the other fellow.
But really the jazz isn't played from the tabulation the first time, it is forced there. dA DA DA DUM ..._
Smelly manbearpig-rapture openminded politically correct dreaded conformist hippie individualist anarchist NPR applejuice orchard loving nature swigging anti-corporate techno freak. Hyper conservative, loving family man, true freedom.
The true nature of things lies in our ability to correctly formulate the right cadence of proper symbols in a succession that unlocks the ability to create an empathetic universe. If we can avoid solipism (like a plague) then we may have a fighting chance against that terrible disease that takes so many lives and lives on our backs constantly.
Japanese cute alienheaded rangers from the sierra nevada brewing company.
A willow sways to and fro, and all my friends and family are with me constantly, my idea of them imprinted on my DNA. Progression is happening, its subtle, like progressive house music.
Unce unce unce unce oonze oonze oonze, yah k cool, so I think I like you alot.. A LOT.
A plastic womb for my children of the future.
It's weird to the earth man, and the fire man is too caught up in devouring himself, the air man knows best always, and the water man just feels he's been wronged.
I'm still a slow bee.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meteorite? Wrong?

I thought I found a meteorite by Meltmedia before my interview, found it again today, washed it off and took some pics.

What do you think?

How to compile Context Free Art 3 alpha on ubuntu

Context Free Art Forum Topic

easy peasy now, just make :D

How to make/compile context free art 2.2.2 on ubuntu

So, you need LEX and YACC for some crazy wizard parsing these guys do so...

$sudo apt-get install flex bison

Then change line 54 in ./src-common/yglue.h
size_t yyget_leng (void);
int yyget_leng (void);

This is because one thing is expecting one data type and its like nah its something else, thanks to this post I was able to find the fix.

Then go along as usual...

$make cfdg

*computer rumbles*

Missing input file
cfdg - 2.2.1(v11)

cfdg [options] input.cfdg [output.png/svg]
or to pipe a cfdg file on standard input:
cfdg [options] - [output.png/svg]
The output file name is omitted if the -o option is used

Options: ... etc

HOORAY! I'm thinking of adding some group tag support based on rule names from CFDG grammar to the output SVG files. I don't know C++, but I got a C- in the college class for it.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Greater than 140

I wouldn't say anything is the same at all! Just drawing lines of association,E-Prime IS THE best ;)

What I was trying to get across in 140 characters or less is the feeling of confinement due to the ever-changing circumstances you're finding yourself in (born,living,breathing,earthling,USA,male,homeless,jobless).

For the trans-gendered, they've found themselves bound in a prison of meat, and it's not the right VERSION of meat to boot, so it makes sense to me their feeling of wanting to discorporeate from their circumstantial "not what ~I~ feel like" flesh-ship...

I really don't think those geniuses that killed themselves were insane, unless you count everything as insane. Suicide isn't a very common thing to commoners, it takes someone extraordinary to commit suicide. This is a modern example of a genius who did it.

When you feel out of place in your own body is when suicide becomes real. This applies to the philosophical and the trans-gendered (as well as many other people I'm sure!)

It'll try anything at least once.