Friday, December 30, 2011

Installing Reaver 1.2 on Ubuntu

Hello internet,
I've been hearing all about this tool "Reaver":
Reaver implements a brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) registrar PINs in order to recover WPA/WPA2 passphrases, as described in
1) Download (I downloaded the latest tar.gz, 1.2)
2) Ungzip, untar: `tar xvfz reaver-1.2.tar.gz`
3) Install dependencies: `sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev`

*NOTE* -- It seems like it may also depend on sql-lite ... or something, this is from the comments:

3a.) `sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev`

4) config, make install:
`sudo make install`

5)now type `reaver` at the command line to see usage :)

You'll also probably want the aircrack-ng suite if you haven't done any wifi cracking/recon/diddling before...

I'm going to just type out what I'm doing as I go along to actually use reaver.

1) `sudo airodump-ng eth1` checking the BSSIDs and looking for my WPA2 AP.
2) `sudo airmon-ng start eth1`
3) exit, then open reaver `sudo reaver -i eth1 -b 00:11:22:33:44:55 -c 11 -vv`

Now... I'm not sure if it's doing it's magick, I'll check wireshark soon, and maybe read the paper about the vulnerability, but I'm in skirpt kiddy mode at the moment.

It wasn't doing it's magic. My card doesn't support packet INJECTION, oh well maybe someday I'll get a real man's wifi interface.

Good luck!

Also here's someone actually running the attack:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Means and Ends

Means: The patterns, process, actions, keys, words. Myriad of multitude.
Ends: The realization, fruition, completion. Result. Done.

To confuse these, brings me pain.

This is important, and I will not waste my time with people who do not realize the pain this confusion brings about.

Becoming harsh again, crystallizing the molten psyche.  From void to steel. Strength from weakness. Order and disorder from chaos. Chao, prime.

But with a smile. Cookies with a smile.

I've been a fanatic on every front in my life, at one point or another... fanaticism is the result of confusing means and ends.
(That is not written in E-Prime, pretend it was... pretend everything is spoken and written in e-prime)


I re-read what I wrote and even in such a small amount of time I can nit-pick myself over my generalizations.  Everyone has the potential to be someone special... but they are also simulacrum. Both are loved, both light and darkness ripping, tearing, loving, playing, verbing everywhere.

Aum, um
Say. Ah. Ah. Ah. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Bondage, constriction, division, outline, quanta, package, dollar, restriction, restraint, holding form, stability, four, chariot, emperor, cycle, repeat.
Release, exhale, smoke, formless, flow, energy, chaos, unpredictable, spending dollar, air, the four suits, de-scrambled eggs.

Any[thing] True Will to be Discovered == Cutie mark to be earned

The Power

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The ghost of done #1

(01:34:07 PM) ooh... some sort of autobanning thing
(01:34:17 PM) by selecting "invisible mods"
(01:34:28 PM) people who legitamately flag bannable posts
(01:34:39 PM) are secretly added to "mod list"
(01:34:49 PM) and if 51% of the secret list flags an image
(01:34:56 PM) AUTO-B&

Read about the ghost of done here!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Zwarte Piet

The largest Sinterklaas celebration in Western Canada, slated for 3 December 2011 in New Westminster, British Columbia, was cancelled for the first time since its inception in 1985 after clashes of opinion surrounding the traditional character Zwarte Piet or "Black Peter". Rather than leaving out Zwarte Piet, the organizers decided to cancel the festivities as a whole, because, as spokesperson Tako Slump of the organization said: [13]
"We got a lot of replies back from our customers in the Dutch community," he said. "It became pretty clear to us that we love Sinterklaas and we can't have it without Black Peter. Those two go together,"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Source Open

Nice, I like the term "source open"
I know that feel bro.

No Android?

While I was compiling this list, I thought hard about putting Android on. It's hard to argue that Android is unimportant in 2011, isn't it? Absolutely. It's also, unfortunately, hard to make a strong case for Android as an open source project.
Sure, Google lobs some source over the wall when it gets around to it – but Android development happens mostly behind closed doors. There's little opportunity for the millions of Android fans and potential hackers around the world to influence Android development unless they happen to work for Google or one of its partner companies.
It's great that Google releases the code, but it's more of a "source open" project than an open source project.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Node, Express, Redis, Jade, Ayn Rand

More winning answers from today: 

Instead of using ANOTHER npm package, I figured I can just call a function from inside the callback function that looks like this:

function renderPage(view, res, renderObject){
  res.render(view, renderObject);
view = 'login'
res = response from the route
renderObject = the modified object (we put Redis data in this one) from inside the callback that we want to pass to Jade.


Also just discussed "social chess" and then thought about a hypothesis that Ayn Rand was more autistic on the spectrum, googled in order to see others with similar thoughts:

Lisa Frank-esque stockings

Love this.
Reminds me of Lisa Frank from elementary school. I also loved those folders. THE COLORS!

Passing array from node.js express to jade template client side javascript jquery

And stackoverflow to the rescue again!
I was trying to pass a variable (an array) to the Jade templating engine in order to manipulate it on the cient side javascript, but it was a pain in the butt, the accepted answer worked here:

Thanks internet!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


In my years of eccentric study,
My mind may very well seem muddy,
But I have found
universe to be bound
by only
mysterious truth

Richard Stallman Pony

GNU Hurd is the GNU project's kernel (in contrast to the popular Linux kernel)
Richard Stallman as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character. Made with the GIMP :-)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

End of year lucky winner!

from: David Mauricio Diaz Morales
date: Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 8:00 AM
subject: End Of Year Winner
David Mauricio Diaz Morales
8:00 AM (2 hours ago)

to undisclosed recipients
You emerge the End of year lucky winner in uk promo send your details for more informations

* * *
Worst scamming attempt ever.

Unless... maybe I am really emerge lucky UK promo winner?! :D

Monday, December 5, 2011

My 2011 Books Read List

These here books I've read this year so far, and by golly it's December already!
I tried to put them in chronological order (unless I list 2 books by the author like Burroughs and Moore), but I'm bad at time and space, and really most things. But I get by.

  1. The Book - Alan Watts
  2. Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert Heinlein
  3. A Dirty Job; Fool - Christopher Moore
  4. The Illuminatus! Trilogy - Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson
  5. Neuromancer - William Gibson
  6. The Electronic Revolution; Naked Lunch - William S. Burroughs
  7. The White People - Arthur Machen
  8. Tropic of Capricorn - Henry Miller
  9. Program or Be Programmed 10: Commandments for the Digital Age - Douglass Rushkoff
  10. Natural Law or Don't Put a Rubber on Your Willy - Robert Anton Wilson
  11. The Center of The Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space - John C. Lilly
Of course there's more partials, references bla bla bla but these were the "front to backs" that I can remember of 2011!

My Read List on Goodreads

Sunday, December 4, 2011


(03:00:21 PM) hi.
(03:00:46 PM)
hiya I was wondering how we got connected
(03:00:53 PM)
hey whats up? 22/F here. you?
(03:01:00 PM)
but Ive since found out that a lot of G+ contacts were automatically added
(03:01:08 PM)
hmm. have we chatted before?
(03:01:27 PM)
I don't know
(03:01:36 PM)
oh ok. i wasnt sure. anyways.. whats up?
(03:02:04 PM)
Well, just finished watching some channel frederator and I'm looking for a thread on a forum so I can post this guy's art page
(03:02:05 PM)
(03:02:14 PM)
im like so boreddddddddd.... theres nothing to do
(03:02:26 PM)
ohhh wait! i got a idea. have you ever watched a girl strip on a cam before?
(03:02:30 PM)

Baby Lock:BL402 Proteze (Serger)

What she likes about this machine
I bought it second hand. The lady who owned it before me had upgraded to the Evolve after owning this one for 2 months. As a result I got it for a very good price (original price was approx US$600) from my local shop. Definately one of the best buys I ever made.
It is very versitile in it's stitches as it is a 2/3/4 thread machine hence it can be used in very many ways expect as coverstitch.
It is easy to use very nicely colour coded throughout and all parts are easily assesible. The roll hem is absolutely lovely and I am turning into a roll hem geek with this machine.
It is light enough to carry around to sewing weekends at my friends place.
I try to use my babylock as much as I can and to make that happen I did an overlocker course by the sewing shop. After the course I was not longer just able to use it I could understand it. Good seams are now happening because I know what I am doing, no longer nice accidents that I forget before I finished.
I had to concede that I needed a sewingmachine and have bought one but really only use it for things that can't be done with my babylock It is my machine of choice to use.

What she does not like about this machine
I had to learn how to thread it and that was hard as it is a bit bitsy and tempramental there. But once I fully understood the how and why of overlocking this becaem relatively easy.
Yes it is manual threading but I don't have any issues with that


This review was behind a "Register to view" wall...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LED Juggling balls

The AstroBrite pictured above
Price: ~$8
Batteries: Uses a 2016 cell battery, ~20 hours
  • Bright colored LED Bean Ball – Green LED
  • Push button switch for easy on/off
  • Battery run time: 20 hours
  • Two long life, replaceable 3V Lithium 2016 coin-cell batteries included
  • Diameter: 2.8" (71.12 mm)
  • Weight: 4.48 oz. (127.01 g)

Zeekio LED Stage Balls
Price: ~$8
85 g weight
Replaceable batteries: 3x LR44 or AG13 type
2.7" diameter

Boing Ball
Price: ~$6
Small Boing Ball is 2" diameter.
Large Boing Ball is 2 3/4" diameter.
3 light modes (constant color, slow phase and fast phase) and 7 colors -- pushbutton
I think I heard a youtube video say 3x AAA batteries 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Feeling good

Silly huh, how it can be, how sensitive the balancing board is atop the pyramid.
Nah, crazy hug, wiggle kiss. Broken belly drop the abyss.
A coin purse falls without a shuffle, a wind blows in between the hustle,
A keyboard clicks, and clacks away, the spacebar punctuating, every day
A billowing basket of cream timbuktus... a swallow sings of fallen dews
A chilly brim, of the cast not thrown, to the stars in the seas sown
A pillow in crevice, a rock in head, a willow weeps in the yucks bread.
The philly in ravenclaw, the pilloux in flambert... how can it ever be hurt
A uneasy tummy waits for the worst, the warm fouz absorb the blurt
Now over, turning and treacherous... where once stood the friend, glad smiling, glad riling the fellow instead learned...

112258    588.780704    TCP    [TCP Dup ACK 112246#4] 41829 > ssh [ACK] Seq=67889 Ack=47520289 Win=12240 Len=0 TSV=1505778 TSER=243094585 SLE=47523169 SRE=47530369

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Another section "randomly" snagged from the main article:
The democratic ideal--to which even the most conservative college trustees usually give lip service--means government of, by and for the people. It means power in the hands of the people. Our schools, however, remain less suited to this ideal than to an authoritarian society; they are more effective in teaching obedience than in fostering freedom Our textbooks may teach one kind of political system but the method by which our schools operate teaches another And the method wins out over the textbooks overwhelmingly. A more substantial degree of democracy will become likely only when we understand that political freedom is not merely a constitutional matter; it's also a state of mind, which can be either nurtured or blighted in school
 I might decide to read the article sometime into the youtubes.  But then again... I may decide on a different path.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Everyone is an artist. It's how we live that determines if our art is showcased in walmart, the side of a dumpster or the gallery.
In fact, as long as a heavy preponderance of a nation's citizens are "good students" and are in some way rewarded for their performance, then dissenters and radical thinkers are no threat and can be permitted to express their opinions relatively unmolested. In the United States, free expression, to the extent that we have it, is a luxury commodity made available by the high standard of living and by the efficient functioning of such disguised forms of repression as schooling.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

W: Failed to fetch Something wicked happened resolving '' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)

Fix'd thanks to: this post.
I had the same error on a new install. It looked like a DNS issue. So I configured my network connection to use OpenDNS directly, rather than via my router. That seems to have solved the problem.

Right-click network icon, select "edit connections"
Select the connection you are using at the moment.
Click "edit"
Select the "IPv4 settings" tab
Set method to "Automatic (DHCP) addresses only"
Then input "," into the DNS servers box

Exit, reset the network connection and retry "apt-get update"

Weird that my ISPs DNS doesn't resolve some of the addresses now :/

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


(08:15:32 PM) uberscientist: ok going to strong arm this into submission
(08:15:42 PM) uberscientist: and going to easily make it feel good
(08:15:50 PM) uberscientist: too good to be bad anymore
(08:15:56 PM) uberscientist: yeyeye

Monday, November 7, 2011

The One Hundred Percent

The remarkable speech on "money" from the movie "Network":

You have meddled with the primary forces of nature, Mr Beale, and I won't have it! Is that clear?

You think you merely stopped a business deal. That is not the case. The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back! It is ebb and flow, tide and gravity. It is ecological balance.

You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no Third Worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems. One vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multi-varied, multi-national dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rands, rubles, pounds and shekels.

It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic, and sub-atomic and galactic structure of things today.

And YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature. And you will atone.

Am I getting through to you, Mr Beale?

You get up on your little twenty-one inch screen and howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.

What do you think the Russians talk about in their Councils of State? Karl Marx? They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, mini-max solutions, and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do.

We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bye-laws of of business. The world is a business, Mr Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime.

And our children will live, Mr Beale, to see that ... perfect ... world in which there is no war nor famine, oppression or brutality. One vast and ecumenical holding company for whom all men will work to serve a common profit. In which all men will hold a share of stock.

All necessities provided. All anxieties tranquilized. All boredom amused.


Are you mad at me for loving the robots?

Or are you mad at me for not loving the robots?

Dead now, aged 24. Was the "life experiment" worth it? How do we quantify the results? Remove the chip from my head recording my internal chemical yogas?
The levels and combinations of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins that correlate to a state of consciousness?
Cut up my 60 frames per second life and create a spectrum analysis of perceived "good times","bad times" and the "rest"?

Initial conditions were set. Results followed.

Breaking away from your previous self, life, the forces, languages, technology that have formed you (...and you it.)

Are you mad that I'm talking about our experiment on the internet? This damned experiment, and I feel you wiggle in my guts... is it joy or agony?

I know. We came together in the womb, and I've had you all along, and you've had me. But that's a load of shit, just like the rest of the dogma being crammed in my head about what is going on.

Just experiencing non-euclidean geometry gives you the ability to make an artificial intelligence that surpasses any entity that currently resides on Earth (including yourself). So check yourself before you make everything again, once more a failure of a joke that has been told one two many times.

The body keeps wriggling after the stab wounds. The essence vital has taken its leave... robots...

To die at 27

I am going to die at the young age of 27 years old.

That means I have about 3 years to live, probably closer to 2.

Unless of course, the eternality of the universe is revealed for a split-second-forever in December 2012, which cures my lifedeath disease and I can get beyond the "miracle" of the jizzing copies of myself, loving, hating, eating and shitting cycle[s].

State my assumptions:
1. The universe as I per sieve it behaves in totality hydromechanically -- of course this is a metaphor, which is the universe of itself.

2. I am going to die at age 27..

3. There is no assumption 3...

False Apophenic Connections:
1. 3 to the 3rd is 27 (The Holy Trinity contained within itself)

2. Letters in the Illuminated English Alphabet == 27

3. Everything comes in threes (unless it's fives of course)

4. 2+7 = 9, Yesod, the base, flow of eternal cosmic energy

5. 2 in binary is 010, 7 in binary is 111 -- the outer digits change, the inner "oneness" remains. "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"

That Being said!

Everything is True, and YOU NEED TO GET A JOB. Make it snappy barista, I've got things to do, I only have 2 years left to live anyway.

You ask me what my five year plan is as some sort of sick joke? Ha. I'll burn in hell for that one, good job. Where can you get real cigarettes made from real screaming, pleading, begging people anyway? Ah, it's all just a delusion anyway.
And you ask me why I focus on the darkness? With my previous lives emancipated from their hiding places in the folds of my brain meat... I see... THE BLACK MEAT AT THE END OF YOUR HOOK DRAGGING THE BLEEDING WORDS FROM MY TONGUE. I mean, you know, rainbows are cool, its all colors. It's not your fault at all, you're nothing but an innocent guilty pleasure.

I drink the Pepsi(R) and cum inside the empty can.

The Coca-Cola faction is not going to be happy about that. Mac versus PC, Red versus Blue! I'm cumming inside, and sending it off the the recycling plant to make more illusions. That's how it's always been, that's how we conservatives like it.

An unsatisfactory kiss. You finding nothing more to drink from this hell bound face and leave me. I kiss Maya in form of sheet and pillow, still nothing but going through the motions.

The flames below me are dying out, the eternal keepers distracted by their chasing of abstractions carved with metaphors out of boundries between one another.
I see. I judge. Humanity.
They speak of their "faith being restored in humanity" --  smells like ouroborus shit if you ask me. Sort of like the Sesame Street "Believe in yourself" message.
But the message isn't important, what's important is that while I was growing up they had a screen playing sounds and images.
What's important is you're reading this on a screen, programmed, controlled both by flaw and divine guidance.

Flaw is just a concatenation and abbreviation of Fundemental and Law.

"One owes discretion to oneself at some point" -- someone I read recently thought Freud said that at some point, but I also found it here in this GREAT LIVEJOURNAL POST.

Keep it foolish

Don't VistaPrint -- Beware

tl;dr: Your address is going to start getting paper spam, aka mailers from VistaPrint and other companies like

I ordered some business cards from VistaPrint, they were "OK" -- my dad got some of the free ones too... great great.

I am not complaining about the quality (which is OK...) I'm complaining about them sending PAPER to my address that I did not ask for. And giving my address to "other" internet retailers (like
I just got a package from them with a CD in it (can you take me back to AOL years please?!)

This really pisses me off.

To get off the physical mailing list you HAVE TO WRITE THEM A SPECIFIC LETTER (without malicious chemical/biological agents)

So. If you need business cards, might as well do them locally. Even if it costs a few extra dollars then their mailers won't "cost" as much to send to your address.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Craigslist phone # skimming bots?

I posted an ad recently which I recieved a prompt response from "" that only had this in the message body:

** Avoid:  wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

What's your number?

To which I responded:
I can give you a call/text, what's your number? (just to make sure this isn't a # harvesting bot)
And have not yet received a response.

Just a heads up!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Educational Links

Tonight, I feel like sharing some of my favorite, most enlightening links to videos and ideas that have helped me gain a better idea of "WIGO" (What Is Going On -- to borrow a General Semantics term).

(Thanks to Quora) Fourier Transforms:
Linux Assembly (just reference, I'm a complete noob):
Suffix those links Coding Philosophy:
More to come later.  This wasn't the best list, but it will have to do for now.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Zentai Twilight Sparkle!

Thank god someone did it! Awesome.
See: This prior blog posting

Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting redis 2.2.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Found instructions here

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitpusher/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creative VFO260 works in Skype

To get my Creative VFO260 webcam to work with skype I have to run it with the "" shared object loaded:
env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype
you can create a launcher with that as the "command" so you won't have to run from terminal every time.

MOAR from the wikipedia:

The dynamic linker can be influenced into modifying its behavior during either the program's execution or the program's linking. Examples of this can be seen in the run-time linker manual pages for various Unix-like systems[1][2][3][4][5]. A typical modification of this behavior is the use of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LD_PRELOAD environment variables. These variables adjust the runtime linking process by searching for shared libraries at alternative locations and by forcefully loading and linking libraries that would otherwise not be loaded and linked, respectively.

I do not know what kind of code is in the shared object that we are loading, but it works for me :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Old domains, new life

I decided to see if anyone has been using old domains that I bought and let go of, here's one that has been taken over and is being used:


These are being hoarded:

...and the rest are available for "purchase"!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Running in circles

I check to see if anyone has sent me an email.
Is there a little red rectangle with a number in it on my facebook.  What will I do today in order to get attention.
Getting attention...
Attention is so valuable, and flexible.
360 degrees times infinity or the focus of the precious prick of a pin tip, and any grades between.

In myself, I see how my attention dilates and contracts on various "ideas" or ""BOB"s" one may even say.

Attention, giving and receiving of such an energy.
Pay with Attention please.
May I have some of your "time"?
Direct your attention.
Contemplate your attention.
Let your attention, drift.
Does your attention control you? Or do you control your attention?
What is attention... really?
What is Momentum? What is "psychic energy"?
Questions that have your attention, have my attention.
Judgements now being made, we're processing what has taken our attention, labeling, internalizing, integrating
Social integration, in sociology and other social sciences, is the movement of minority groups such as ethnic minorities, refugees and underprivileged sections of a society into the mainstream of societies. Members of the minority groups thus gain full access to the opportunities, rights and services available to the members of the mainstream.
 attention? mainstream attention please, you want to become mainstream culture.
You want to become mainstream culture.
Are you paying attention to why we have a government? Why we have national public radio? Why we have PBS? Why everything should be free including the slaves?
Your attention please. We love to do what we do, we've convinced ourselves that our lives are worth it, sitting in front of screen typing into a machine connected to a bunch of other machines with people connected to machines through a screen to a bunch of other machines. Is that the mainstream now? Where does the mainstream come from, and where does it go?
Too many questions for an outsider to answer, no, I am mainstream.
I am the cutting hull of the Titanic against the iceberg of Mainstream, the truth splashing into the firey belly of the beast, the main stream of water just destroying lives and fires and passions and possibilities and making a stroke with a cosmic brush.
Only a smallish boy-girl said "Cosmic" before her-his attention was "caught" by a flying sardine whistle.
It's quite unfortunate that such a platonic relationship could occur between a hexahedron and a icosahedron, their prisms could shine with jisms.
Attention is just Stumbling and Bumbling... all ov Rs olivers o-livers all of ours

Cepia - Dowry

I post this song because I think I love it.
Around 1:30 I die, and it makes me cry a little.

Pony Chat

I realized that I haven't made a blog post about my little project that I've been sculpting in order to learn my way around some new technologies.
Your Pony Chat

It uses Node.js, and jQuery to do all the heavy lifting, I'm just a kid playing with legos :)

I know quite a bit of my energy has gone into this project, and I've been writing, and reading as always.  Have gone out a little, interacted with the masses, and the individuals.  I have been feeling extremely low energy the past couple days.  Maybe it was all the maker faire/#occupy/party fun-times... or maybe it's my brain craving nicotine again. NO BRAIN, NO! Silly brain.  Maybe it's the sleeping in until 10am, maybe it's staying up until 2... maybe it's not eating enough calories or eating the right kinds of food.  Maybe its the lack of someone or something interesting, or maybe its too much interesting.  Maybe it's the lack of the predator on my tail... even though I imagined that I would give up and be consumed if the situation arose.

Oh well.  Maybe I'll do some video editing, that's fun and creative.

beep boop!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Enneagram Results

INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
Take Free Jung Personality Test
personality tests by
Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||| 26%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||| 46%
Type 3 Image Awareness |||||||||||||| 53%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 5 Detachment |||| 13%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||| 46%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 63%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||| 13%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||| 53%
Your main type is 4
Your variant is sexual
Take Free Enneagram Personality Test
personality tests by
I was so much... happier as an INTP...

#occupy phoenix, sentiments, excerpts

These words, books, people and experiences have inspired my political super-position more so than Ron Paul or Ayn Rand wait... it is all delicious religion.  It is what you DO with your religion that matters, not the denomination. PERIOD ;-)

People will use their belief system (BS) for good, love, and warm-fuzzy OR cold, mechanical, discrete non-feeling. Sometimes languages are biased towards the one... or the other... and the real fun begins when they mingle and it starts to tingle.

After participating in occupy phoenix, I couldn't help but remember sections,
from the third trip,
and the 3rd sephiroth,
The Illuminatus! Trilogy:


In fact, for Joseph Malik the beginning was several years earlier, in a medley of teargas, hymn singing, billy clubs, and obscenity, all of which were provoked by the imminent nomination for President of a man named Hubert Horatio Humphrey. It began in Lincoln Park on the night of August 25, 1968, while Joe was waiting to be teargassed. He did not know then that anything was beginning; he was only conscious, in an acid, gut-sour way, of what was ending: his own faith in the Democratic party.

He was sitting with the Concerned Clergymen under the cross they had erected. He was thinking, bitterly, that they should have erected a tombstone instead. It should have said: Here lies the New Deal.

Here lies the belief that all Evil is on the other side, among the reactionaries and Ku Kluxers. Here lies twenty years of the hopes and dreams and sweat and blood of Joseph Wendall Malik. Here lies American Liberalism, clubbed to death by Chicago's heroic peace officers.

"They're coming," a voice near him said suddenly. The Concerned Clergymen immediately began singing, "We shall not be moved."
"We'll be moved, all right," a dry sardonic, W.C. Fields voice said quietly. "When the teargas hits, we'll be moved." Joe recognized the speaker: it was novelist William Burroughs with his usual poker face, utterly without anger or contempt or indignation or hope or faith or any emotion Joe could understand. But he sat there, making his own protest against Hubert Horatio Humphrey by placing his body in front of Chicago's police, for reasons Joe could not understand.

How, Joe wondered, can a man have courage without faith, without belief? Burroughs believed in nothing, and yet there he sat stubborn as Luther. Joe had always had faith in something—Roman Catholicism, long ago, then Trotskyism at college, then for nearly two decades mainstream liberalism (Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.'s, "Vital Center") and now, with that dead, he was trying desperately to summon up faith in the motley crowd of dope-and-as-trology-obsessed Yippies, Black Maoists, old-line hardcore pacifists, and arrogantly dogmatic SDS kids who had come to Chicago to protest a rigged convention and were being beaten and brutalized unspeakably for it.

Alien Ginsberg— sitting amid a huddle of Yippies off to the right— began chanting again, as he had all evening: "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. . . ." Ginsberg believed; he believed in everything— in democracy, in socialism, in communism, in anarchism, in Ezra Pound's idealistic variety of fascist economics, in Buckminster Fuller's technological Utopia, in D. H. Lawrence's return to preindustrial pastoralism, and in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Voodoo, astrology magic; but, above all, in the natural goodness of man.

The natural goodness of man . . . Joe hadn't fully believed in that, since Buchenwald was revealed to the world in 1944, when he was seventeen.

"KILL! KILL! KILL!" came the chant of the police,—exactly like the night before, the same neolithic scream of rage that signaled the beginning of the first massacre. They were coming, clubs in hand, spraying the teargas before them.


Auschwitz, U.S.A., Joe thought, sickened. If they had been issued Zyklon B along with the teargas and Mace, they would be using it just as happily.

Slowly, the Concerned Clergymen came to their feet, holding dampened handkerchiefs to their faces. Unarmed and helpless, they prepared to hold their ground as long as possible before the inevitable retreat. A moral victory, Joe thought bitterly: All we ever achieve are moral victories. The immoral brutes win the real victories.

"All hail Discordia," said a voice among the clergymen— a bearded young man named Simon, who had been arguing in favor of anarchism against some SDS Maoists earlier in the day.

I also want to add these lessons from Simon Moon, they can be taken many ways, try as many as possible:
"What the world calls sanity has led us to the present planetary crises," Simon had said, "and insanity is the only viable alternative." That was a paradox worth some kind of consideration.

"So, you see," Simon was explaining when the restaurant was starting to close, "the whole key to liberation is magic. Anarchism remains tied to politics, and remains a form of death like all other politics, until it breaks free from the defined 'reality' of capitalist society and creates its own reality. A pig for President. Acid in the water supply. Fucking in the streets. Making the totally impossible become the eternally possible. Reality is thermoplastic, not thermosetting, you know: I mean you can reprogram it much more than people realize. The hex hoax— original sin, logical positivism, those restriction and constriction myths— all that's based on a thermosetting reality. Christ, man, there are limits, of course— nobody is nutty enough to deny that—but the limits are nowhere near as rigid as we've been taught to believe. It's much closer to the truth to say there are no practical limits at all and reality is whatever people decide to make it. But we've been on one restriction kick after another for a couple thousand years now, the world's longest head-trip, and it takes real negative entropy to shake up the foundations. This isn't shit; I've got a degree in mathematics, man."

Sunday, October 16, 2011


The time will come when the right is time. Forever swip-swapping the words before the brain can correct the already fluid liquiphage.
It started: off to the light-rail, Dad driving for the first time since the hernia operation.

(09:34:05 PM) uberscientist: it was alright, went to the makerfaire, then occupy phoenix, then a party thingy, then slept on a couch at David's, then went to EJs, then came home
(09:34:12 PM) uberscientist: that's the concise way of putting it

Arrived at the Washington exit. Walked towards 3rd street. Oh, very exact, precise language, no details of feelings or impressions.
I am playing. I am walking, I am.
There David was, also wearing a tie-dye shirt from Lollapalooza, I wore my tie-dye instructables shirt from back when I was gifted items for my contributions to their website.
The Faire was 15 dollars, but I coughed it up anyway, hoping to be supporting something worthwhile and beautiful.

We walked around gazed at various projects and performances. Had awkward interactions with people I've met before, which is always fun.
There were people selling items, like homemade soap and leather laser etched and hand painted wrist bracelets.
The dirt ground. The dust wasn't overwhelming, but when the sunlight was just at the right angle, you could observe all the little particles floating in the air.

A dry, comment airy.

Fire, 3D-Printing, rocks that talked, LED vest displays controlled by FPGA. Heat sync labs table, Maker bench table. FIRE SHOOTING CANNONS.

David and I left with his father, and were dropped off at the occupy phoenix event. There were plenty of people there with signs, occupying. There were people yelling into microphones, people standing in circles parroting another fellow emitting easily transmitted sound bites.
There were rappers, people doing two minute rants on an open mic and PA system.
There was free water.
Free water in bottles.

David and I ended up making a couple signs, I threw some powerful allusions to some powerful illusory-symbols on one side of my sign and the other said “DOCTERrrr BENWAY – 2012 -”
David's sign was a beautiful troll: “#bieber” and “Disregard women, Print Money #endthefed”.
There were haters.
Hater's gonna hate.

One person knew of Dr. Benway
“It's not good if many more than two people know who Dr.Benway with the plunger is!” and I laughed and loved and it was good.
There was another fellow who asked, and I asked back “Have you read Naked Lunch” and he claimed to, and said “Oh yeahhH!”... I guess that character has a large impact on me, unforgettable.

As soon as Angela was near, we were leaving, it's the way of things. Rode the lightrail back to David's apartment, went to Safeway, got food. Sandwich, Club Vodka Martini and a pack of Camel light 99s.
We sat and at in Safeway, and I snuck some sip-gulps from my little drinky drink.

The sandwich was about 18 inches long, so I only finished about a third of it, and took it along for the ride. We hit is apartment, bounced to a party at his girlfriends house. I ended up trying to change the playlist on the computer for a while, but then I conversed and jibber-jabber a bit here and there I suppose.
Got home, was sloppy-choppy and texted and lazed about, watched some TV that David put on for me, I passed out, woke up at 8. Ate another 3rd of the sandwich and smoked a cigarette. Then. laid my head back down to rest. Eventually, Tim and Duncan came over and we took a journey to Eric, Matt, Dustin, Shalia and especially Buddha's house.
I took a couple un-offered shots of gin and whisky. I sort of tried watching football, but ended up in Eric's room to watch catroons online instead. A halloween Regular Show and the “Genius” episode of The Wonderful World of Gumball.

Before all that David and I also visited a couple Halloween shops. David got a grey beard in order to complement his goodwill purchase of the ten commandments from The Lord engraved on a plaque.
So much stuff in those stores.

Some team won the game, the other team lost, pay offs were made, fantasy football statistics changed.

Talked about some very important and beautiful recursive stuff with Tim and the rest of the folk. I wish I could remember all the wonderful communications that we had.

It was interesting.

"With you one goes so far away from reality that it is almost necessary to buy a return ticket. I am afraid never to come back here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Expletive Deleted

Everyone else was in the woodwork and it was just us left.

Neither of us had much of a preference to being either male or female, and we shifted between genitalia as we shifted in our seats.  He stared into my eyes from across the table, and forms unfolded from his snake tongue into a pile of vaporous creep. It, following it's whimsy on the lustrous surface.  I took my finger and swirled the Word about...
It translates roughly, but it went a somewhat like this:

We split the corpuscle,
With machine and muscle,
A million new names to put our mind in fetters
And yet we don't know how to split Greek letters!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Find the flesh, next, gnaw...

We're trying to climb a ladder that has already hit the top of the vault, the firmament laden with scintillating lights.  I say take your words that you've found, that you we have woven out of this bamboo scaffolding that we stand upon and wrap it around whatever piece of flesh you can find there at the top and send it hurdling to the ground floor.  And when you get tired of that game take a piece of intestine and wrap it around whatever neck you seem to be occupying at the moment and throw yourself towards the bottom of the barrel where all things that truly touch the third nothingness happen.

At this point in our journey, looking "down" seems to have much more "unexplored" territory from this perspective than "up" (or horizontally? since there isn't any progress just a speeding up of the inevitable).  Up just has higher bandwidth (information over time).

What do I see when I look down? I see different media for our content to be transferred upon.  At the moment we are transferring our content through digital systems, screens and flashing lights.  "What medium is next?" should be our question and answer it we will! Either it will be answered for us and we will be developers on this new medium, in whatever languages arise from the media's conception... or we will develop the medium itself, ergo, the languages that put content into/on the medium and actually SHAPE the future of what will be "possible" to express on the particular medium (unless there's a developer who designs their own language, falling back onto the "prime" of the media and moulding it to dance for his/her brain manifolds).


From my own personal mind-programming, and studies and observations I am able to speak some level of mixed taught reality, subjective and what seems to be harmonious objective stances upon reality. And to think of reality as a medium itself for the un-graspables, such as love, god, green, sweet... where have the languages of reality gone? I can't speak for the rest of humanity, but I can speak for me/we when I ask: Have we abstracted thought far enough away from the prime to have forgotten that there exists a language, a syntax, a protocol of reality?  A relatively stable protocol that remains hidden beneath layers and layers of unstable abstractions? If we think the word "god" can mean so many different things to so many different people, I'd say that language is relatively unstable in comparison to an actual ROCK (a part of a real "god" to held in hand which (in some cases) conveys the ungraspables known to me as color, hardness, taste, smell...

But this language that exists in the manifolds of our minds.  And that's where I will dance, stumble, twist and break, whether I know it, or can speak it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween Costume Idea

Terrifying. That's the word I am looking to embody in motion.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Tropic of Capricorn exerpt

I have a friend who talks to me from time to time about the Miracle of Golgotha of which I understand nothing. But I do know something about the miraculous wound which I received, the wound which killed me in the eyes of the world and out of which I was born anew and rebaptized. I know something of the miracle of this wound which I lived and which healed with my death. I tell it as of something long past, but it is with me always. Everything is long past and seemingly invisible, like a constellation which has sunk forever beneath the horizon. What fascinates me is that anything so dead and buried as I was could be resuscitated, and not just once, but innumerable times. And not only that, but each time I faded out I plunged deeper than ever into the void, so that with each resuscitation the miracle becomes greater. And never any stigmata! The man who is reborn is always the same man, more and more himself with each rebirth. He is only shedding his skin each time, and with his skin his sins. The man whom God loves is truly a right living man. The man whom God loves is the onion with a million skins. To shed the first layer is painful beyond words; the next layer is less painful, the next still less, until finally the pain becomes pleasurable, more and more pleasurable, a delight, an ecstasy. And then there is neither pleasure not pain, but simply darkness yielding before the light. And as the darkness falls away the wound comes out of its hiding place: the wound which is man, man's love, is bathed in light. The identity which was lost is recovered. Man walks forth from his open wound, from the grave which he had carried about with him so long. In the tomb which is my memory I see her buried now, the one I loved better than all else, better than the world, better than God, better than my own flesh and blood. I see her festering there in that bloody wound of love, so dose to me that I could not distinguish her from the wound itself. I see her struggling to free herself, to make herself clean of love pain, and with each struggle sinking back again into the wound, mired, suffocated, writhing in blood. I see the terrible look in her eyes, the mute piteous agony, the look of the beast that is trapped. I see her opening her legs for deliverance and each orgasm a groan of anguish. I hear the walls falling, the walls caving in on us and the house going up in flames. I hear them calling us from the street, the summons to work, the summons to arms, but we are nailed to the floor and the rats are biting into us. The grave and womb of love entombing us, the night filling our bowels and the stars shimmering over the black bottomless lake. I lose the memory of words, of her name even which I pronounced like a monomaniac. I forgot what she looked like, what she felt like, what she smelt like, what she fucked like, piercing deeper and deeper into the night of the fathomless cavern. I followed her to the deepest hole of her being, to the charnel house of her soul, to the breath which had not yet expired from her lips. I sought relentlessly for her whose name was not written anywhere, I penetrated to the very altar and found - nothing. I wrapped myself around this hollow shell of nothingness like a serpent with fiery coils; I lay still for six centuries without breathing as world events sieved through to the bottom forming a slimy bed of mucus. I saw the constellations wheeling about the huge hole in the ceiling of the universe: I saw the outer planets and the black star which was to deliver me. I saw the Dragon shaking itself free of dharma and karma, saw the new race of man stewing in the yolk of futurity. I saw through to the last sign and symbol, but I could not read her face. I could see only the eyes shining through, huge, fleshy-like luminous breasts, as though I were swim- ming behind them in the electric effluvia of her incandescent vision. How had she come to expand thus beyond all grip of consciousness? By what monstrous law had she spread herself thus over the face of the world, revealing everything and yet concealing herself? She was hidden in the face of the sun, like the moon in eclipse; she was a mirror which had lost its quicksilver, the mirror which yields both the image and the horror. Looking into the backs of her eyes, into the pulpy translucent flesh, I saw the brain structure of all formations, all relations, all evanescence. I saw the brain within the brain, the endless machine endlessly turning, the word Hope revolving on a spit, roasting, dripping with fat, revolving ceaselessly in the cavity of the third eye. I heard her dreams mumbled in lost tongues, the stifled screams reverberating in minute crevices, the gasps, the groans, the pleasurable sighs, the swish of lashing whips. I heard her call my own name which I had not yet uttered, I heard her curse and shriek with rage. I heard everything magnified a thousand times, like a homunculus imprisoned in the belly organ. I caught the muffled breathing of the world, as if fixed in the very crossroads of sound. Thus we walked and slept and ate together, the Siamese twins whom Love had joined and whom Death alone could separate.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just great. Now I know that I really don't know what I want.

And there are so many advertisements faking me out.
Ass, titties, big macs, delicious pizza... social interaction being shown to me on sesame street, sit-coms, my little ponies.
The part of ourselves that encodes the "primal chao" or whatever you want to call it, the core of ultra-introspection... lies (verb).
It lies and says the easiest thing to keep the other liars happy. (as well as itself)
IF that makes any sense. I'm not even high.
There's a liar in every head, and its the language user.
I suppose that's why people are interested in nuerolinguistic programming, because it's studying the physiological reactions that are "truthier" than words and logical-rationality (I don't even know what logical-rationality is anymore...)
That's when I start defining logic with terms and it gets dialectical and impossible to say anything true without 300 pages and a flaw in the extrapolation of whatever axioms I've set at the beginning of the treatise >.<
Flawed circular logic and I can't run away from it.

Non-philosophy, Non-euclidean geometry, dada art
The only things that contain truth that isn't being put through the mesh of lies.
Or so I SAY. >.<

I'm hungry.

Thank you lesswrong for rocking my world even harder. Gonna cry now, yay, systems.

Nah, not going to cry. Read some more, and it's like what - how did I let words get past my liar and to my sacred chao?
Feelings of helplessness, unknowing, fear, stagnation.
Sophomoric reversion, bouncing between mature and childish, do I really? What do I even mean, this ramble is nothing but a smear of word-dash on the crimson tide rising... a false-hood-try-hard-wanna-be.
I get attracted to


Just writing to myself

EDIT: Gonna read this (article on inferring our desires) (I haven't even read it and I am posting a link to it on my blag, wtfak)
So 11 days have passed since I wrote my last post.
I've been getting randomly obsessed with details... and ponies, but now that the season two tension is over, my mind is clearer and I feel free to begin working on something again.
I wrote down some ideas and the technologies that I want to use in order to realize them into the world:
Open source hardware site - I want to make availiable kits in a novel way, maybe something like the baby of woot, etsy, threadless and adafruit.
A new image board written on with node, maybe with web sockets.
Maybe an imgur image favoriting site, there's lots of lulz uploaded there.

anyway, no shortage of ideas, just need to feel like I'm participating in the creation of our world.

I've joined the IRC chats on freenode #node.js, #express, #couchdb
and I hope to document my journey from zero to working simple application, and maybe produce some condensed screencasts of the experience.
I don't really know javascript that well(and therefore any of those other technologies), so it's going to be a challenge.
I need to figure out:
-How to get express + couchdb talking
-How to write in the Jade templating language

I should also mention I am a database noobie as well, I have barely even looked at SQL...
It feels like I am trying to eat an apple in one big bite, and I still have that nagging "why?" at the back of my mind. It's fun to do new interesting things.
I need to set goals I suppose, like "Read a Jade tutorial today" and "Watch all the XYZ screencasts" or whatever...

I suppose I just feel overwhelmed and need a way of breaking things down into bite-sized pieces. It takes a while to grok things, a very long while...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To roll my own... or not

That is the question I am asking myself...
After editing my abovesobelow site I realized I should get a content management system like wordpress, django or something, but then I realized that I do want to learn how to write back end code (even though I've written a teensy bit already)...
To roll my own content management/blog type software would be great, maybe even search npm (node.js package manager) to find all the little lego pieces I need in order to do it.
I do have some unique ideas (that have seemed to have leaked out): Amazon's @Author allows people to select passages from books and ask the author questions.
I sorta wanted to do that with a news site where certain parts of the article could be highlighted and be commented on in particular, maybe between
tags. And the "hot" paragraphs/sentences would change color (towards red).
But that's just a novel little idea :)

Oh well.  Maybe I'll sit down with a notebook and pen and try sketching some goals out and weave some sort of node.js + couchdb or python + couchdb magic to get there... either way couchdb has won my heart over (without me even doing anything useful with it yet, maybe it's been my couch situation or the philosophy of relax or REALLY how it takes advantage of the HTTP protocol and melts with javascript so... sexily :)

Anyway. Signing off.

Node.JS implementation of BitTorrent DNA content delivery?

I want to know what people think of this idea. I am working on the feasibility myself, but seeing node.JS applications that do distributed computing, I figure there may be a way to do distributed content delivery using BitTorrent and node/websockets(maybe?) technology.

After having the idea in the bathroom looking into the mirror, I googled _bit torrent for streaming_ and came across:
BitTorrent DNA
and further to our interests:
DNA video streaming
Here's a clip from the DNA Client section of the site:

BitTorrent DNA is a single 280KB executable file that must be present on the end user’s machine to take advantage of peer network acceleration. It operates in conjunction with a browser plugin which works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Platform Support

BitTorrent DNA is designed to run on versions of the Windows platform beginning with Windows 98. Browsers supported include Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and later and Mozilla Firefox 2 and later. For streaming, Adobe Flash 9 and later is supported.

BitTorrent DNA is not yet available on platforms other than Windows. If an application runs on multiple platforms, it must verify that Windows is the current platform before accessing BitTorrent DNA. If the user is not on a supported platform, the application should use standard HTTP for download and bypass using DNA.

This sucks for 2 reasons, limits users to windows machines and it requires a download and an extension to be installed in the browser.

I have a feeling that it may be possible to do something similar with Node.JS
(Here's a BitTorrent client written in javascript.)
and perhaps Socket.IO, but it's just a feeling as I have barely scratched the surface of these technologies.

Therefore the title of this article ends with a pronounced question mark. Just an idea, think about it smart and good programmers out there.... do it (and please let me know what you think or do!)

(It's because I like to watch cartoons...)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


is a python CGI hack that I threw together in a couple days. Just click to see what it does.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

D-Link DWA-110 external antenna possibility

I just received a DWA-110 today, I cracked it open to take a look at the PCB since I heard rumors from this forum post here that there may be the possibility of adding a pigtail to this adapter and attaching an external antenna.
They say its a U.fl RF connector, if it is, then it's either A) Missing the middle pin or B) Female or it's not a U.fl connector at all.
I was hoping to get some insight on this and will tag further posts with 'dwa110' with updates on this particular investigation.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04, Netgear WG111 weirdness

I have a weird networking problem.
WG111 USB wifi stick <--> Belkin router

I can connect to the router fine, the DHCP client gets an IP address fine:
inet addr:

...and the signal icon is visible in the gnome tray.

...The entry on the router's DHCP table

'route' shows that there is a gateway
default UG 0 0 0 wlan1

and when I open wireshark I am able to see the MDSN traffic from a printer on the network:

and when I try and connect to the router, the TCP handshake never completes:

EDIT:This packet capture shows that I am attempting to connect to instead of, the capture looks the same for trying the correct IP address as well /oops

Also, pinging the router's IP, or any connected client's IP gives no response.

I installed ndiswrapper and put the wg111 .ini windows driver in that, which seemed to have made it work, but when I booted up again this morning, the WG111 usb powered up, bilnked its light a last 4 times never to be recognized again :I


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wifi Access Point Chat and other Ad-Hoc ideas

For the past several weeks I've been without a consistent internet connection. I've been picking up whatever *cough* open wifi that I can, and visiting Grinders Coffee Co. on occasion in order to exchange data with others.

Being in this state of affairs I've wondered what people will do with all these wireless transceivers (wireless cards, access points, bluetooth, etc) if the Internet takes a dump on itself, or the plug is pulled by Ma and Pa Federal.

I've been contemplating novel peace-time systems of communication using wifi transceivers, and perhaps eventually linking neighborhood/apartment mesh-nodes with each other through longer distance CB or ham radio.

An access point serving a socket.IO chat server for anyone who connects to the AP.
Example of nodechat: registration is simple, user/pass/email (which isn't checked I don't think).

I posted an idea on twitter:
ad-hoc chat/server with some low level wifi broadcast packet tweaking?

I want to make something extremely transparent and allow ANYONE to be able to join in on the communication, an issue I can see is malicious code being pushed by "bad nodes"...

Suggestions from @rrrrrrrix:
or just use link-local xmpp (Bonjour) :-)
that paired with BATMAN (mesh network protocol) makes for awesome infra-less lan chat

At Defcon 19 I was able to go see a presentation talking about using the built-in transceivers on android phones to create an ad-hoc network of sorts called auto-BAHN [main site]. It seems to be in a very early stage, but I like the goal of having a standardized mesh protocol running on all smart phones that can be activated in case the cellular signal is lost (or activated on volition).

However, I do not own a smart phone with wifi built in, and I figure a lot of valuable human beings are without these smart phones, but may have a wireless card installed on their computer. Integrating an auto-BAHN mesh network into router firmware would also be a great idea to make longer range nodes that aren't reliant on battery life.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

6 Month Dental Checkup

I had a 6 month dental check up which has put my time here in Phoenix into perspective, what I have been through in the six months back in the ol' 602...
Juggling is the first thing that comes to mind. Without an internet connection I delved into the world of juggling tennis balls for hours on end, it was fine when it was nice outside (pre-summer) but now I don't spend as much time juggling, I need some bean bags or something that doesn't bounce so I can practice inside.
I've been confusing to my family, Heisenberg uncertainty principle applied to a my direction in life... Causing an apparent general ruckus in the minds of the 2 biologically-authoritarian females in my life: my Mother and Grandmother, I can only assume when their teeth gnash and claws become revealed it's with good intent.
Heavy assumptions being made, confusion, misinformation, fear lace their words when I finally get a smell of the concerned gossip that goes on behind my back. When it's directed at my face statements such as "You're doing nothing with your life" are unleashed upon me, which creates a wave of discontent in my being. Assumptions that I have an enemy called "The Man" that I am totally against working for ???? being a parasitic being on my Father and his finances etc. Perhaps, I tried discussing how he felt about me staying with him, he seemed to appreciate it, but at the same time didn't want me to feel obligated to stay with him? I love, and I don't care (if that makes sense) in a very Henry Milleresque way. I don't care enough, so I can love purely, without any bounds. I'm wild... or the domesticated beast, what's the difference? I don't feel the need to "make my own way" in a world where all the ways are made, all you have to do is decide and do what you want to do. They are very concerned with money, and it's actually getting to a point where I need to make some, my bank account just went under 100 dollars for the first time in my life, for some people this is normal living from paycheck to paycheck, I never had that issue, never had the feeling of being "stuck" in a cycle of work->check->pay rent->work endless cycle of poverty, just barely clutching on to the necessities. I tend to give up luxuries, or cut as many corners on my own life in order to keep a balance in the finances... or in reality I spend money at thrift stores thinking (well, this is a good deal, if I can't use it I can probably sell it...) or buying PA systems that are now being lent out know... living with parents you can't play loud music. My Dad is paying 22 bucks for a copper ring/tip phone line and isn't quite aware of how awesome a high-speed internet connection is (why I am sitting out here on the back porch writing a blog post at 1:03AM in order to escape the day time heat, and absorb the WiFi from a neighbor) The thermometer reads about a 95 deg. F even at this hour. This area of suburbia is pretty humid as well, maybe it's the canal and all the irrigated lawns producing work for the illegal immigrants... My umwelt is interesting in it's own right.

Mosquitos bite at me, which is living poetry, me sucking wifi, them sucking my blood, it's a circle of leeches all the way down to the "last hole" that can be sucked, the last well that can be tapped and used. There is no art to the utilitarian (I lie!). The machine is art, money and making it is art, it's sexual.

As stated in Kinsey:
Fucking is... nothing more than-- than friction and harmless fun?

Well, let me tell you... that is a risky game,
because fucking isn't just something.
It's the whole thing.
And if you're not careful... it will cut you wide open.

From Kinsey script

How easy it is to fall inside of yourself and forget where you CAME from~
*contemplates belly button*

Monday, August 8, 2011

Defcon 19

I don't think I paid for a drop of alcohol this time in Vegas.
So: I get to Defcon wanting a beer, and what'dya know, there's a Coors Light in our hotel fridge, the one that ISN'T connected to the room service and charging scales. Awesome.
It's Wednesday, there aren't many others besides the B-Side folk, which are hard to spot (I still don't know what their badges were like, I guess it's a free conference... but I didn't register... or there's some weird ritual I don't know in order to get in)

My internal monologue was going something like: "Well, here we go again... I wonder what this year holds, a new venue: The Rio, a new badge designer "Lost" (who I knew from phoenix 2600 meetings, but fell out of contact with, especially after his mystery box competitions -- one time pad with a chapter from the Great Gatsby?! Oi vey!)" ... Lost, having worked his way up the ranks all the way to badge designer seemed to have consumed the whole conference into his mystery box challenge, clues were everywhere I looked, every badge had a different number, shape and was inter-related... I knew I should've brought Aleister Crowley's 777 with the tables of correspondence and the reference book on ancient Egyptian gods. Lost or 1o57 as it went in the competition must be a direct descendant of Set or Thoth... or perhaps Thoth and Isis got together and cosmically jizzed him on this planet :P, so much incest around the center of space-time-multi-verse )

The eye of providence was a re-occuring theme, the dollar bill has 13 steps up to the disconnected eye, however the decal in the middle of the Rio had only 11 steps... maybe a hint? Maybe just another random "fact"? Every badge had a number, all the ones I saw were even (mine was a 34) ... there were ancient Egyptian and Japanese numerical systems, logic gates, and binary codes, a little much for me :)
The badges were also made of water cut Titanium, very cool.

The talks I saw this year weren't blowing my mind. There's usually some good talks, but I feel it takes some special talent to make a technical talk interesting and also contain information which can be absorbed easily in a one hour period.
I was able to catch the Art of Trolling by @openfly (twitter), here's his blog with the slides:
One of the more entertaining, and probably my favorite talk I saw.

Participated in the beard competition, and generally dressed in opposition to the status quo, swapping scarves every few hours the first couple days and wearing a tie during the beard competition. One of the judges said I was cute, but I think I ruined any cuteness with my speech on how my sunken chest contains no heart to feel for humanity... I gave her my # and the Bavarian Illuminati... first time for everything I suppose. Haven't heard back from her :)

Aaron Barr from HB Gary was supposed to show up and be on a panel, we got front row seats to that show, however "the lawyers from HB Gary (and HB Gary Federal? ... they are 2 seperate companies) refused to let him appear..." this isn't surprising. The panel got some LulzSec badges... was hoping Mr.Barr could get one too, maybe someone from the panel could bring a button home to him ;)
That panel was neat, I liked the chaotic <--> lawful and good <--> evil Dungeons and Dragons hacker alignment analogy. One of the panelists wanted anonymous/lulzsec/antisec movement to go after "child exploitation sites" -- "Any of you for child exploitation sites? No it's ok to raise your hand." ... He doesn't know "Anonymous" I suppose; 4chan /b/ has it's fair share of CP (child porn) popping up, anonymity breeds the ability to share deviance from the perceived majority, the ability to be something OTHER than the HERD. He was really into trying to get a Anti-sec constitution or 10 commandments. Some sort of law to lay over the "Chaos"/"Disorder" that he saw as Lulzsec/Anonymous... If anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought nah forget it THAT'S THE OPPOSITE END OF THE SPECTRUM. Chaotic Good isn't Lawful Good, sorry bub. We could get into the problem of defining these terribly vaporous words Good, Evil, Chaotic, Neutral... but that's the making of a whole damned book. You can only ask an individual what he feels in the moment, that's the closest answer you're ever going to get.

The talk on skimming chip credit cards in Europe was impressive, I enjoyed their humorous video and technology and reverse engineering of the system. Second favorite talk.

Lost $7 on the slot machines.

Swam for the first time at the hotel hosting defcon (Although I made it to Defcon 13, we didn't stay in the Alexis Park and I never remembered the Riv letting people swim much.)
The closed circuit television was great, being able to see the talks from your room was awesome (although our room only got Track 1... our friends were able to see them all, and we hung out over there a bit)
Hung out in a hot tub with some folks, played beach ball bounce with the guy who did the Stego/Crypto talk and gave him one of my stego ideas I got recently. The girl that brought the ball to the tub was cute, but we didn't really say anything to each other, girls are like gems at defcon, few and when you see one they're usually pretty -- physically, if not just for being at a hacker convention, I'm so sexist.

It was a good trip overall, I was happy to see Akira being shown, got to walk in on my favorite part: the whole talk about the "Amoeba Energy"... a very good anime.

Didn't dance too much compared to other years, low energy(or not enough booze) I suppose, or not enough fidget house, acid tech, and french hard electro :) ... the DJ playing the freakshow was funny mixing in Nyan cat and the Bel Air theme song, bringing back memories of ol' school /b/ days.

Defcon is now a huge leviathan that has lost it's original sheen that it had when I first went as an 18 year old anarchist hacker fresh out of highschool... I need to either perform music or speak next year to make it worth it. I also want to start more of an underground con without as many... uh... how do I put it, lamers :P
Out of the thousands of people there how many weren't lame? The few I talked to were sorta lame hackers (according to my self-definition of hacker) ... we need to concentrate the win, and flush the alphabet soup and corporate suits imho (and no, you weren't lame, you were pretty cool... it was someone else... really, it was just one lame dude haha)

Went to the EFF summit for the first time as well. DJ Jackalope has great taste in EDM and can spin those records like a boss. Won a raffle for a lockpicky-kevlar-handcuff-shim kit which was neato, bid on a Pwnie Express, I was nervous bidding over 400 dollars seeing that I am basically broke... it would've been bought on my Visa if I won. The actual winner of the auction got a smoking deal on the lucky duck whoever you were :) *jealous* hardware script kiddy? hehe awesome. The "open bar" was out of drinks before I could get a second, but I finished off my friend's margarita in addition to my original red bull and vodka...

It was an experience worth having, I feel in debt to my friends who let me have the experience by piggy backing the ride and room, I hope I added some ~~spice~~ to their experience as they added to my own.

Shouts to: Penguin and SamueLjackSUN, PhlaK and Sarah-ACK, Matt Gee-zuZ and Pappy GleeSUN, -- and a special place in my heart for Sting.

Fuckings to: That one guy, the jester, and "LulzSec"(and in a good way to LulzSec... ya know, until you had a "mission" with chinga la migra you were cool, I like the dude with the wine and mustache, he has good fuckin' taste.)