Monday, November 24, 2008


I've been accepted into NAU!
I bought a harddrive camcorder off craigslist:

I've been writing a rough draft of ideas/narrative for a screen play.


So you want to be free? You feel that oppressors exist inside your mind as well as in the shared reality… We are going to use the human experience to demonstrate the true essence of freedom. The eternal quest for truth, beauty, and knowledge require freedom, but how much?

We have a shared reality that has rules, physical laws that govern the motion of galaxies and protons, these laws are so reliable that we are able to bounce them off one another and complete amazing technological feats that would look like magic to someone who was experiencing the shared reality just 100 years ago. Our bodies and arguably our minds are complex machines that have been built using the reliability of those physical laws.

When were these laws created? Are there other universes with different laws? Have the laws always been and always will be? Are the laws truly constant or are we such small being experiencing time in a relatively accelerated manner in comparison to the change of the physical laws of our universe? At this moment in time, with the tools of knowledge that we have acquired, we can only ask these questions and speculate.


We are all born into some sort of human generated system; these systems in turn generate many of your basic beliefs about the world and construct your worldview during early childhood along with language development. In the United States and many other developed counties they have public schooling systems voted into place, with a majority decided curriculum about what is important during that era. Religious institutions also have a large influence on world view.

We live with layers upon layers of rules and regulations, self discipline, responsibility, and moral law all generated out of the geometry that arises out of physical law of our universe.


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