Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hyperpolematic intertension quasimeditation

It's the third of October, I'm being smeared like the spider I crushed with that book earlier in my life, it's becoming obvious that It's being spread very thin, constituting the wars and your history that you attach your corporeal self to. And mine, my symbols are tied back to each other and the source of truth.
Your fear mongering brain washing seems to be working on various key holes, indeed Mr.Brainwasher and they are carrying out your dirty deeds, thinking they are their own deeds. I can't serve more than one master Brainwasher, so I leave you and I take my scrub brush and powered nuero soap and wash my own brain, I hope you don't need to 'get physical' if so the compass and level will invert positions and the truth will become lies and the lies truth, the washing will become dirt and filth and the filth will become cleanly once again as it was in the garden before you had your way with her.
I had a dream last night, I was talking to my friend about a book, then we had a telepathic communication and I understood the value of keys. But a similar situation happened "in real life", so what it be? Then I believe I made out with a black girl, I don't remember much else besides the fact that I felt as though it happened in Pete's house, although it was different.
Today I ran across a garage sale that had some really good books. Johnathan livingston seagull and Illusions as well as CG Jung's man and his symbols, hard cover, full color... I picked that one up for $4.

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