Friday, May 20, 2011

Middle Initial: An info leak tag

Here's some wisdom I've gained from my old man:

He changes his middle initial when signing up for something such as a magazine, for example:
My sister comes along begging to sell magazine subscriptions in order to help school $pirit, he picks up a sub for "Men's Health", on the form he fills out:
Name: John
Last: Doe

He uses an M (he doesn't keep a table, because he's not an INTP) but the M helps him remember that he was signing up for a Magazine, or Men's health.

Now when I was searching his name on google to find out how his old cousin from Germany found his email address I saw that had my dad listed as John M Doe! So I called him up and told him and he immediately came back with "I know where that came from, the M..." and proceeded to tell me the same story I just told you.

I've know he's done this, and I've done the same, but this is the first time I've seen any sort of result from this activity and was excited enough to share.

So keep that in mind, you're name is like water.

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