Monday, May 16, 2011


"If one can attain purposelessness through purpose, then the thing has been grasped." - Secret (shh!) of the Golden Flower

"If one can attain purpose through purposelessness, then the thing has been grasped*." - Flower of the Golden Secret

I just reversed them and thought about it and my head exploded, what if it was released*? Is the thing the tao? Haha, I imagined a hand physically grasping a dragon, controlling it forcefully. Then a hand that has released a dragon 'on a silver cord' and is chasing it. Another hand is caressing the dragon, making it feel ok. It could be metaphorical, or it was for a moment, but I'm not sure what kind of process I was trying to describe.

Substance is important. Sometimes writers use a lot of airy words to try and make themselves seem like a good writer. But other times it's really the best word for the job. Substance is something the mind can chew, or work with, play with. An imagination partner really in fiction and non-fiction as well. For non-fiction like scientific results you can read about how the experiments were done and chew on it, learn more names for more specific processes used to collect data. Computers are very complex, but I'm not sure HOW complex... perhaps infinitely! There always seems like something new to learn, or get better at, especially on linux because knowing how to use standard bash commands and a package manager people (I know a little...) can do really impressive things. and really, have a more impressive knowledge of how systems work in general.

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