Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's 11pm so it's time to post a post, I read my previous posts as I do, because if I don't enjoy reading my own spew, then why spew? Well, I guess you could just spew it down the toilet and flush it... or you could spew on the ground and swirl it about with your finger and see what patterns emerge.

"I see a dragon!"
"I see a face!"
"I see a heart!"

I have observed that each individual has an apophenic leaning [apophenic from apophenia, it's the legal form of schizophrenia that we all seem to have] My mother find hearts in all the rocks she sees, others I've heard they see faces. Some people (truly paranoid schizophrenics, the illegal kind of vision) see that everyone hates them, is out to get them, poison them or poison the minds of their friends against them. And its real. Real as the bacon, the pig and the slaughterhouse.

Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I've learned that even in times of pure honest love, the apophenic tendencies of a dark mind can sour every potentially beautiful moment. The habits of our minds can be hard to break and can darken the doorstep of our pineal gland with paranoia parading through our neurons before the original, empty, beautifully meaningless light illuminates you.
Your faithful slave-bot,
Alfredo Peptobismuth

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