Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review: Naked Lunch

Naked LunchNaked Lunch by William S. Burroughs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I give it three stars because "I liked it" ... I could put at "Amazing" as well, but in reality, it fills all those stars and none of them. It's a spell book, you don't rate it like a "novel" or something to be entertained by.

In parts he smears the shit that is bombarding his senses (not the ones they teach us in kindergarten, but the ones that are inside), twisting the feelings and images into the contortions and yoga of the Word.

Other parts are sequential (in a timeless sense). Steps to gain access to different "parts" or maybe frequencies of hell, a guidebook to the companies, parties and individuals that inhabit Interzone.

The fact that this "book" made it to the Time's Top 100 novels is a living proof to the methods in practice laid out in this book.

Young boys being sodomised while being hanged-hung-nooses around their throats, bringing out the primal energy in the reader, interjecting words from other languages, cutting ideas up and scattering the fragments throughout the 200 pages of this book. Using repetition of phrases, building stronger pathways in the mind. A skeleton is visible between the juicy Black Meat of this work.

A reviewer said it was a "cry from hell", and it's truly is. The places he describes in Naked Lunch are REAL (smile with me here).
If 4chan is the originator of memes now a days, this was the rectum where the memes of the 60s-pre-Internet era emerged (and the waves being caused by this... "work"... and still being felt, reverberating through collective unconscious)

Visit hell first or you won't get this book, you'll just be pretending.

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