Monday, November 7, 2011

Are you mad at me for loving the robots?

Or are you mad at me for not loving the robots?

Dead now, aged 24. Was the "life experiment" worth it? How do we quantify the results? Remove the chip from my head recording my internal chemical yogas?
The levels and combinations of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins that correlate to a state of consciousness?
Cut up my 60 frames per second life and create a spectrum analysis of perceived "good times","bad times" and the "rest"?

Initial conditions were set. Results followed.

Breaking away from your previous self, life, the forces, languages, technology that have formed you (...and you it.)

Are you mad that I'm talking about our experiment on the internet? This damned experiment, and I feel you wiggle in my guts... is it joy or agony?

I know. We came together in the womb, and I've had you all along, and you've had me. But that's a load of shit, just like the rest of the dogma being crammed in my head about what is going on.

Just experiencing non-euclidean geometry gives you the ability to make an artificial intelligence that surpasses any entity that currently resides on Earth (including yourself). So check yourself before you make everything again, once more a failure of a joke that has been told one two many times.

The body keeps wriggling after the stab wounds. The essence vital has taken its leave... robots...

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