Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't VistaPrint -- Beware

tl;dr: Your address is going to start getting paper spam, aka mailers from VistaPrint and other companies like

I ordered some business cards from VistaPrint, they were "OK" -- my dad got some of the free ones too... great great.

I am not complaining about the quality (which is OK...) I'm complaining about them sending PAPER to my address that I did not ask for. And giving my address to "other" internet retailers (like
I just got a package from them with a CD in it (can you take me back to AOL years please?!)

This really pisses me off.

To get off the physical mailing list you HAVE TO WRITE THEM A SPECIFIC LETTER (without malicious chemical/biological agents)

So. If you need business cards, might as well do them locally. Even if it costs a few extra dollars then their mailers won't "cost" as much to send to your address.

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