Sunday, January 29, 2012

Huge SCR

Wow. If this thing works, I may have got a pretty smokin' deal on a fatty SCR from the local electronics surplus shop: Apache Reclamation.

I found the datasheet online after a little bit of searching and found out it has these stats:

  • 3000V Reverse voltage
  • 2050A Avg. onstate current
  • 19kA repetitive peak current
  • 29kA surge current
WOW! This is THE SCR for some sort of heavy duty project (TMS machine, coin shrinker, can crusher, disc launcher, rail gun... etc!)

I'm guessing the broken lead is for the trigger ground or something? They don't have any physical diagrams on the datasheet.

Now I just need to find some low ESR capacitors and I'll have the biggest components of a really solid TMS machine.

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