Wednesday, January 25, 2012

O anon...

Well according to my studies, everything is a metaphor, or abstraction of a signal that is processed out of the eternal cosmic background radiation. How this occurs is similar to pointing a camera at a television screen displaying what the camera is seeing, the "infinite mirrors" effect. The camera is constantly feeding information off of itself from itself and displaying that information back again. So, in order for the universe to divide and "make sense" out of itself, we climb the ladder of sanity out of the primordial chaos. Each rung that we climb is a step towards abstraction and away from "hard reality". Now, how we go about explaining the mechanism of metaphor is based on what direction we are looking (metaphorically) and where we start in our journey to explain and find cause-effect relationships.

There is no one-hundred percent correct objective answer (one could say) that can be wrapped up in abstractions attempting to describe itself. I'm a republican.

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