Monday, July 19, 2010

10 trees in one Tree

So, today I experimented with placing 10 kabbalistic trees of life into one larger Tree.
To diagram the trees I use Frater Achad's method outlined in the book: "Anatomy of the Body of God". Basically 4 larger circles are drawn on a line, with each center starting at the intersection of the circle and line, the first circle can be placed arbitrarily. This generates the distances in order to place the ten sephiroth.
Now, if we reduce our compass size to 1/4 the original radius (I did this by horizontally drawing a line through the middle of one of the 3 vesica piscis that are generated from the drawing of the original 4 circles, then placing the compass at the intersection of the horizontal line and the vertical line that the circles were drawn on. Then reduce the size of your compass' radius so the pencil is at the center of your original circle).
Now that we have our compass drawing circles 1/4 the original generating circles we can now proceed to draw another 10 sets of generating circles emanating from the original ten sephiroth. Today, I made each sephera it's own kether on the tree generating down from it, but I am sure we can experiment with placing different sepheroth on each of the sepheroth on the larger tree... perhaps each larger sephera should correspond to itself on the smaller tree? I'll report my findings on that tomorrow, or maybe later tonight.

I have been splitting the 10 trees out of the larger tree in order to make individual diagrams and labeling the overlapping sepheroth on each one.

"I knew it, then I had it, then... RAW WHORE KA-HOOEY!"

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