Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Find the flesh, next, gnaw...

We're trying to climb a ladder that has already hit the top of the vault, the firmament laden with scintillating lights.  I say take your words that you've found, that you we have woven out of this bamboo scaffolding that we stand upon and wrap it around whatever piece of flesh you can find there at the top and send it hurdling to the ground floor.  And when you get tired of that game take a piece of intestine and wrap it around whatever neck you seem to be occupying at the moment and throw yourself towards the bottom of the barrel where all things that truly touch the third nothingness happen.

At this point in our journey, looking "down" seems to have much more "unexplored" territory from this perspective than "up" (or horizontally? since there isn't any progress just a speeding up of the inevitable).  Up just has higher bandwidth (information over time).

What do I see when I look down? I see different media for our content to be transferred upon.  At the moment we are transferring our content through digital systems, screens and flashing lights.  "What medium is next?" should be our question and answer it we will! Either it will be answered for us and we will be developers on this new medium, in whatever languages arise from the media's conception... or we will develop the medium itself, ergo, the languages that put content into/on the medium and actually SHAPE the future of what will be "possible" to express on the particular medium (unless there's a developer who designs their own language, falling back onto the "prime" of the media and moulding it to dance for his/her brain manifolds).


From my own personal mind-programming, and studies and observations I am able to speak some level of mixed taught reality, subjective and what seems to be harmonious objective stances upon reality. And to think of reality as a medium itself for the un-graspables, such as love, god, green, sweet... where have the languages of reality gone? I can't speak for the rest of humanity, but I can speak for me/we when I ask: Have we abstracted thought far enough away from the prime to have forgotten that there exists a language, a syntax, a protocol of reality?  A relatively stable protocol that remains hidden beneath layers and layers of unstable abstractions? If we think the word "god" can mean so many different things to so many different people, I'd say that language is relatively unstable in comparison to an actual ROCK (a part of a real "god" to so.me) held in hand which (in some cases) conveys the ungraspables known to me as color, hardness, taste, smell...

But this language that exists in the manifolds of our minds.  And that's where I will dance, stumble, twist and break, whether I know it, or can speak it.

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