Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pony Chat

I realized that I haven't made a blog post about my little project that I've been sculpting in order to learn my way around some new technologies.
Your Pony Chat

It uses Node.js, Socket.io and jQuery to do all the heavy lifting, I'm just a kid playing with legos :)

I know quite a bit of my energy has gone into this project, and I've been writing, and reading as always.  Have gone out a little, interacted with the masses, and the individuals.  I have been feeling extremely low energy the past couple days.  Maybe it was all the maker faire/#occupy/party fun-times... or maybe it's my brain craving nicotine again. NO BRAIN, NO! Silly brain.  Maybe it's the sleeping in until 10am, maybe it's staying up until 2... maybe it's not eating enough calories or eating the right kinds of food.  Maybe its the lack of someone or something interesting, or maybe its too much interesting.  Maybe it's the lack of the predator on my tail... even though I imagined that I would give up and be consumed if the situation arose.

Oh well.  Maybe I'll do some video editing, that's fun and creative.

beep boop!

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