Sunday, October 16, 2011


The time will come when the right is time. Forever swip-swapping the words before the brain can correct the already fluid liquiphage.
It started: off to the light-rail, Dad driving for the first time since the hernia operation.

(09:34:05 PM) uberscientist: it was alright, went to the makerfaire, then occupy phoenix, then a party thingy, then slept on a couch at David's, then went to EJs, then came home
(09:34:12 PM) uberscientist: that's the concise way of putting it

Arrived at the Washington exit. Walked towards 3rd street. Oh, very exact, precise language, no details of feelings or impressions.
I am playing. I am walking, I am.
There David was, also wearing a tie-dye shirt from Lollapalooza, I wore my tie-dye instructables shirt from back when I was gifted items for my contributions to their website.
The Faire was 15 dollars, but I coughed it up anyway, hoping to be supporting something worthwhile and beautiful.

We walked around gazed at various projects and performances. Had awkward interactions with people I've met before, which is always fun.
There were people selling items, like homemade soap and leather laser etched and hand painted wrist bracelets.
The dirt ground. The dust wasn't overwhelming, but when the sunlight was just at the right angle, you could observe all the little particles floating in the air.

A dry, comment airy.

Fire, 3D-Printing, rocks that talked, LED vest displays controlled by FPGA. Heat sync labs table, Maker bench table. FIRE SHOOTING CANNONS.

David and I left with his father, and were dropped off at the occupy phoenix event. There were plenty of people there with signs, occupying. There were people yelling into microphones, people standing in circles parroting another fellow emitting easily transmitted sound bites.
There were rappers, people doing two minute rants on an open mic and PA system.
There was free water.
Free water in bottles.

David and I ended up making a couple signs, I threw some powerful allusions to some powerful illusory-symbols on one side of my sign and the other said “DOCTERrrr BENWAY – 2012 -”
David's sign was a beautiful troll: “#bieber” and “Disregard women, Print Money #endthefed”.
There were haters.
Hater's gonna hate.

One person knew of Dr. Benway
“It's not good if many more than two people know who Dr.Benway with the plunger is!” and I laughed and loved and it was good.
There was another fellow who asked, and I asked back “Have you read Naked Lunch” and he claimed to, and said “Oh yeahhH!”... I guess that character has a large impact on me, unforgettable.

As soon as Angela was near, we were leaving, it's the way of things. Rode the lightrail back to David's apartment, went to Safeway, got food. Sandwich, Club Vodka Martini and a pack of Camel light 99s.
We sat and at in Safeway, and I snuck some sip-gulps from my little drinky drink.

The sandwich was about 18 inches long, so I only finished about a third of it, and took it along for the ride. We hit is apartment, bounced to a party at his girlfriends house. I ended up trying to change the playlist on the computer for a while, but then I conversed and jibber-jabber a bit here and there I suppose.
Got home, was sloppy-choppy and texted and lazed about, watched some TV that David put on for me, I passed out, woke up at 8. Ate another 3rd of the sandwich and smoked a cigarette. Then. laid my head back down to rest. Eventually, Tim and Duncan came over and we took a journey to Eric, Matt, Dustin, Shalia and especially Buddha's house.
I took a couple un-offered shots of gin and whisky. I sort of tried watching football, but ended up in Eric's room to watch catroons online instead. A halloween Regular Show and the “Genius” episode of The Wonderful World of Gumball.

Before all that David and I also visited a couple Halloween shops. David got a grey beard in order to complement his goodwill purchase of the ten commandments from The Lord engraved on a plaque.
So much stuff in those stores.

Some team won the game, the other team lost, pay offs were made, fantasy football statistics changed.

Talked about some very important and beautiful recursive stuff with Tim and the rest of the folk. I wish I could remember all the wonderful communications that we had.

It was interesting.

"With you one goes so far away from reality that it is almost necessary to buy a return ticket. I am afraid never to come back here.

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