Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today I shipped off my defcon badge, sold it on ebay for ~56 dollars. I also went to bashas, got some cereal straws, pop tarts, whole milk and crispex.

I also ordered a new harddrive for about 55 dollars yesterday, a nice even trade for the badge.

Sorry about the long time feeling low yesterday, my grandmother gave me shit... she is so self-righteous that she doesn't even realize she is hurting her kin, and she is so dense she does not realize why her daughter/granddaughter don't even try and communicate with her anymore. I realize that she is basically drunk on her GABA, It's all based on old farts brain chemistry. But it's like you are at a party and some drunk guy comes up to you and starts giving you shit, alluding by requesting less government and more freedom that you (I don't know where she pulled this one lol) support hardcore child pornography, it's like bro, shut your mouth... I know you are drunk right now, but you are getting really annoying, I'm going to sock you!

So I did, I've socked my grandmother's brain with words (I like fucking with people's heads too much) just started talking non-sense, because thats all you can counter non-sense with... more non-sense.

She did make me think about what to do with my life, I guess it is time to pick some other goal to achieve. How about going to NAU and study forestry? Time to research that.

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