Monday, October 6, 2008

Lack of posts

28 posts first full month, then 13, then 11 last month... and this is post 2 for October. I made an astable multivibrator out of a couple transistors, 2 capacitors and a few resistors and recorded it. I burned out a 4017 yesterday when I was working on my ~4 bit analog synth~ idea lol. I ordered a few more from digikey along with some other ICs... 555 timers, lm386s... I think that's it.
Got to talk to Carl a little today on AIM, sounds like he's having a pretty good time in Hawaii. I'm keeping my eyes open for a wwoofing girlfriend, I think I'll wait and see what NAU has to say. University seems crazy, I don't know... over inflated price for education especially since the internet is here, but I guess I am not going for an education, I would be paying to become brainwashed. Blegh!

Maybe start my own school where we don't sell entries on resumes, instead we sell knowledge.

Lost my pipe and smokeables recently too, greaaaat. Camera and pipe missing.

Tour de Fat is on the 11th of this month, my dad said it was ok for me to borrow his truck to haul bikes to Tempe. I should volunteer!

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