Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roofing all week

I was roofing all week, or more like helping a my aunt's friend re-roof my dad's house. If you take rophynol recreationally it should be called roofing.

I stayed out way too late last night, until 4 am crazy night, went back to my Dad's house got 3 hours of sleep and was up on the roof again at 7 in the morning.

I've started reading Atlas Shrugged at my Dad's house, pretty cool book so far, I am pumped to read it some more.

I need to go back tomorrow or day after and help return a bunch of packages of shingles that we didn't use.

My brain feels... crusty, like your eyes in the morning sometimes or like when you get pink eye sorta... ick, not that bad.

I have an idea for a toy, it's pretty tight, maybe I should make it or something :)

Dan Deacon rules, I finally found his name again after about a year or 2 of not knowing~!! Legit musical artist man.

Well I'm probably going to hang out for a little bit and then come home to sleep.

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