Monday, October 13, 2008

Tour de Fat

On Saturday I borrowed my dad's truck (I was expecting to be hauling a couple other bikes besides my own down to Tempe) and drove down to Tim's apartment, Zach was there I guess they partied too hard to head out to the tour that early. Went out and got my arm band, and signed a release form or something, I saw Nils first when doing that. Then Krina, then the rest of the PV crew Jo, Joel, Dr.Chris, Chromatest etc etc. Tim showed up a little later, but just got to see him right before I had to volunteer. Also saw a couple peoples from high school, Johnny and Kyle S.

My volunteer shirt was jacked and I gave away 1 token and 1 beer I split with Ass^trid and gotta talk with her about stuffs, pretty fun.

I got out with a nice sun burn on my face, a little dehydrated so a headache was coming along quite nicely. Went back to Tim's apt. and migrated to Ben's house to get a party started... we went around passing out fliers trying to get people to come on over. I left as soon as we finished doing that, I was very tired. I got lost on my way back home from Tempe, I should study some maps...

Well that's that!

[11:48] Penguin2600: I think my PENIS needs recalibrated, its drifting right wtf
[11:48] uberscientist: hmmm
[11:49] uberscientist: its the weather
[11:49] Penguin2600: you think?
[11:50] uberscientist: barometer penis
[11:50] Penguin2600: hmm
[11:50] Penguin2600: I have a theory
[11:50] Penguin2600: the right side is closer to the open window
[11:50] Penguin2600: which is colder
[11:50] Penguin2600: maybe thers more shrinkage on that side
[11:50] uberscientist: lol
[11:50] Penguin2600: causing a bend towards the window

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