Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No computer day

Yesterday I decided to not use the computer, partly because I felt very empty and wasn't doing much with my time.

So... instead I cut up a bunch of tree branches that fell down during the big storm when I was at BM. I have only 1 more pile to do (lost sunlight yesterday, started late afternoon).

I also hung out with zach, logan, micheal and brandon for a little bit, and ferd and kassie for a few while I helped him with his maths... kassie was all sick :(

Last night when I was drifting to sleep I thought of a funny cover for a book so I got up and drew it. The title is "Another Look at the Universe Big Bang -- Science, Sex, Drugs and METAL" and there's a picture of this guy sticking his finger in his other hand smiling mischievously with a joint in his mouth and wearing a metal band shirt with arrows pointing to different parts of the picture with science formulas related (friction, force, chemical formula for THC). Too bad I don't have my camera. NYC bestseller? Maybe lol it's got all the interesting things in life on the cover.

I don't even listen to metal that often, I have listened to TOOL and the Mars Volta, but that's really about it. Ferd likes Gojira, maybe I should check them out. I've been listening to a lot of Tuvan throat singing albums by Huun-Huur-Tu.

And I DID volunteer for the tour de fat on saturday, I am going to a training session today to get my alcohol servers license (good for 3 years) and a free din-din :3

I am thinking about doing no-computer-days every other day, it was pretty fun, and I used the ham radio to talk to charlie wooo woo!

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