Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I admit it...

I'm full of shit.
Yes it's true. Now, then, I see myself, floundering in a sea of psychedelic vomit. Eating cream cheese on a chilled English muffin, finger motion translating into blog words.
"How can we help you?"
"How can we help you, help yourself?"
"Fuck you, help yourself."
"Welcome! Help yourself to the chips and dip."
Don't continue to desire the unattainable on that level of consciousness, focus more on the verbness between the desires.
The duit, instead of Nuit. (I know you loved her so)
Sense comes easy, make non-sense again.
Non-sense is point-less.

Help me! Help me! -- Sir, what do you need you are knee deep in feces.
Yea yea yeah!
If I were to hold my hand out to myself, world being torn apart, huge voids of energy, monkeys in a barrel, everyone connected holding on to the last piece of humanity that they can see.
Drink Orange Juice. It's nice.
Don't you know how to dance? Follow Blue's Clues. CUES.

Never once. Always thrice. Simpler Times in contrast. Origami of space-time, matter is an illusion.
Fold it up, fold it down, fold it around then stick a push pin through it.
Now, unfold hold up to light.
Next find constellations, attribute meaning.
Find reality.
nadabra, Abra

Still, you suck. Still we're hear, you here?! Still motion. Watch them eat, watch you eat, quick before the lights come on. They have no soul. "Scratch 'n Sniff"
SO MAD. ANGRY! STOP THAT. Fade away, shapeshift. Continue.
The eye swings around madly upon it's perch. I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!
I just need to engage the clutch, engage the engine with the drive-train.
Just need this one last thing.
to participate.
to be part of.
Excommunicated from Life, self serving liberated individual collective of space matter.
All gone. Too many mistakes. Good.
Didn't want to finish the race anyway, wanted to scrape my knees, goal.
Poor girl, I love you so. Sorry for killing you that one time, and that other time, and that other time.
I saw you. I knew you. What to do? How can we free each other from this misery?
Ice cold cum.

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