Friday, April 8, 2011

A sphere with more than 4 dimensions

I am looking at this ball, it is a round ball, a green ball, a ball that looks like it has been in the sun for a while.
I am looking at this tennis ball, I wouldn't ever use it in a tennis match, it's old and worn. Something I might play "DOG ... fetch" with.
I am looking at a sphere, it is but the extension of light from the origin. There is no such thing as time and too bad these other losers are here creating a restricted consensus reality that I am unable to penetrate fully with my "big bang" powers.
I am looking at a table, it is oak, it is well crafted. On this well crafted table I notice a manufactured play ball. The play ball is grey-green with white stripes and is a bit fuzzy. The table has a few rings from where inconsiderate people have left cups creating circles of water damage.
Ball! My hand is my mouth, they bark, I escape! Life is a game!
A tennis ball, it's Wilson brand, circa 2008, the distinct lettering and stripe pattern is from that around that year, in contrast to the previous lettering, and the proceeding stripe alteration (the stripes have since become closer at the apex by 5mm).
Damn dog! Stole our ball for this exercise, time for tea. With saucers, don't want any of these bastards to damage my table.

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