Monday, April 18, 2011

Poshitive Thinking

Hey if you're not going to reverse the direction of your spiraling thoughts, then how do you expect the universe to work with your incoherent, out of key, mistepping life-movements?

It's not.

You're fucked until you learn how to focus not on a point of positivity, but on the motion of positivity. Goals are so scarcity oriented objectives, now objectives are not goals. Now, in this age of singularity, our objective is not a singular goal, but a flowing motion of decisive thinking process that is only defined by taking the leap from "here and now" to "hear and nao" (Nao is a common Japanese name for robotic playthings, like, dildos that hook up to the internet.)

Stay with me here folks, or really stay with me "hear". Get my drift? Thought not. Ok, picture this: we have a wild country side, the grass green glistening in the early morning. Birds swimming in the currents and thermals above, and others sing their birdy songs from the trees near the edge of the wooded areas. A deer masticates the grass, extracting the slowly vibrating prana, and it breathes the fresh summer air gaining lighter prana, as well as absorbs more from the sun itself.

Torched Soil *cough* *hack* damn cigarettes... I meant Chris Toledo.

"It's a simulation!" the little people that make the grass up say.

The Deer doesn't contemplate such things as holographic universes, sampling rates, or has even heard of things like the speed of light or Claude Shannon. Maybe he's too pretentious, or doesn't have enough reverence for GOD to do so.

Now, what we're trying to get at here is, don't do that. What you ask? That thing you were thinking about doing, it was a bad idea in the first place. SO just stop, get your hand out of your joy department and break your mind free from the prison of your reality TV show called "Whooops".

You know what the prophet Charlie Sheen says about Whooops? PLAN BETTER. There's no excuses for your pathetic life, it's not your parents fault, the schools fault, the multinational corporations bombarding you with advertisements, it's not the fault of the government for enslaving you 600-96-1766, yeah I'm talking to YOU...
Birth certificate slave, simulacrum of your neighbor, cut your grass, your pubes, lift weights and live life like the rest of the meat on your bones because if you didn't what would GOD do? He'd fall apart, and he doesn't want that to happen. And guess what? You were created in the IMAGE OF GOD, so you better keep it together, keep it real and don't let any of those damn little devils trick you into thinking that "being a mutant is cool" -- because it isn't. Its dangerous to the GREAT PLAN and the GREAT WILL of YADA-HADA-VAVA-HAHA-UNO. So, miss(ter) DOS, not DIOS, you'll never be number one, stay in your cubicle and all reality will dance around you giving you whatever you want... why not just give it a shot tough guy, you're not scared of anything anyway...

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  1. Good words.
    We are sheep for the class in power. Mind control through media and culture has worked all too well to operate this capitalistic mode. Things are changing slowly, but one may undo the polymorph from sheep to human by NOT playing the game that want you to play. Play your own game. With rules that share just enough with the regular rules to remain in fair terms. Play better. And do not forget that while you can do well on your own for a lot, it is obviously a team sport.

    PS If thats your real EssEssIn you have a fat sack hovering over the mouths of many interweb preds.