Monday, September 19, 2011

Just writing to myself

EDIT: Gonna read this (article on inferring our desires) (I haven't even read it and I am posting a link to it on my blag, wtfak)
So 11 days have passed since I wrote my last post.
I've been getting randomly obsessed with details... and ponies, but now that the season two tension is over, my mind is clearer and I feel free to begin working on something again.
I wrote down some ideas and the technologies that I want to use in order to realize them into the world:
Open source hardware site - I want to make availiable kits in a novel way, maybe something like the baby of woot, etsy, threadless and adafruit.
A new image board written on with node, maybe with web sockets.
Maybe an imgur image favoriting site, there's lots of lulz uploaded there.

anyway, no shortage of ideas, just need to feel like I'm participating in the creation of our world.

I've joined the IRC chats on freenode #node.js, #express, #couchdb
and I hope to document my journey from zero to working simple application, and maybe produce some condensed screencasts of the experience.
I don't really know javascript that well(and therefore any of those other technologies), so it's going to be a challenge.
I need to figure out:
-How to get express + couchdb talking
-How to write in the Jade templating language

I should also mention I am a database noobie as well, I have barely even looked at SQL...
It feels like I am trying to eat an apple in one big bite, and I still have that nagging "why?" at the back of my mind. It's fun to do new interesting things.
I need to set goals I suppose, like "Read a Jade tutorial today" and "Watch all the XYZ screencasts" or whatever...

I suppose I just feel overwhelmed and need a way of breaking things down into bite-sized pieces. It takes a while to grok things, a very long while...

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