Thursday, September 8, 2011

To roll my own... or not

That is the question I am asking myself...
After editing my abovesobelow site I realized I should get a content management system like wordpress, django or something, but then I realized that I do want to learn how to write back end code (even though I've written a teensy bit already)...
To roll my own content management/blog type software would be great, maybe even search npm (node.js package manager) to find all the little lego pieces I need in order to do it.
I do have some unique ideas (that have seemed to have leaked out): Amazon's @Author allows people to select passages from books and ask the author questions.
I sorta wanted to do that with a news site where certain parts of the article could be highlighted and be commented on in particular, maybe between
tags. And the "hot" paragraphs/sentences would change color (towards red).
But that's just a novel little idea :)

Oh well.  Maybe I'll sit down with a notebook and pen and try sketching some goals out and weave some sort of node.js + couchdb or python + couchdb magic to get there... either way couchdb has won my heart over (without me even doing anything useful with it yet, maybe it's been my couch situation or the philosophy of relax or REALLY how it takes advantage of the HTTP protocol and melts with javascript so... sexily :)

Anyway. Signing off.

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