Thursday, September 8, 2011

Node.JS implementation of BitTorrent DNA content delivery?

I want to know what people think of this idea. I am working on the feasibility myself, but seeing node.JS applications that do distributed computing, I figure there may be a way to do distributed content delivery using BitTorrent and node/websockets(maybe?) technology.

After having the idea in the bathroom looking into the mirror, I googled _bit torrent for streaming_ and came across:
BitTorrent DNA
and further to our interests:
DNA video streaming
Here's a clip from the DNA Client section of the site:

BitTorrent DNA is a single 280KB executable file that must be present on the end user’s machine to take advantage of peer network acceleration. It operates in conjunction with a browser plugin which works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Platform Support

BitTorrent DNA is designed to run on versions of the Windows platform beginning with Windows 98. Browsers supported include Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and later and Mozilla Firefox 2 and later. For streaming, Adobe Flash 9 and later is supported.

BitTorrent DNA is not yet available on platforms other than Windows. If an application runs on multiple platforms, it must verify that Windows is the current platform before accessing BitTorrent DNA. If the user is not on a supported platform, the application should use standard HTTP for download and bypass using DNA.

This sucks for 2 reasons, limits users to windows machines and it requires a download and an extension to be installed in the browser.

I have a feeling that it may be possible to do something similar with Node.JS
(Here's a BitTorrent client written in javascript.)
and perhaps Socket.IO, but it's just a feeling as I have barely scratched the surface of these technologies.

Therefore the title of this article ends with a pronounced question mark. Just an idea, think about it smart and good programmers out there.... do it (and please let me know what you think or do!)

(It's because I like to watch cartoons...)

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