Sunday, December 4, 2011


(03:00:21 PM) hi.
(03:00:46 PM)
hiya I was wondering how we got connected
(03:00:53 PM)
hey whats up? 22/F here. you?
(03:01:00 PM)
but Ive since found out that a lot of G+ contacts were automatically added
(03:01:08 PM)
hmm. have we chatted before?
(03:01:27 PM)
I don't know
(03:01:36 PM)
oh ok. i wasnt sure. anyways.. whats up?
(03:02:04 PM)
Well, just finished watching some channel frederator and I'm looking for a thread on a forum so I can post this guy's art page
(03:02:05 PM)
(03:02:14 PM)
im like so boreddddddddd.... theres nothing to do
(03:02:26 PM)
ohhh wait! i got a idea. have you ever watched a girl strip on a cam before?
(03:02:30 PM)

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