Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby Lock:BL402 Proteze (Serger)

What she likes about this machine
I bought it second hand. The lady who owned it before me had upgraded to the Evolve after owning this one for 2 months. As a result I got it for a very good price (original price was approx US$600) from my local shop. Definately one of the best buys I ever made.
It is very versitile in it's stitches as it is a 2/3/4 thread machine hence it can be used in very many ways expect as coverstitch.
It is easy to use very nicely colour coded throughout and all parts are easily assesible. The roll hem is absolutely lovely and I am turning into a roll hem geek with this machine.
It is light enough to carry around to sewing weekends at my friends place.
I try to use my babylock as much as I can and to make that happen I did an overlocker course by the sewing shop. After the course I was not longer just able to use it I could understand it. Good seams are now happening because I know what I am doing, no longer nice accidents that I forget before I finished.
I had to concede that I needed a sewingmachine and have bought one but really only use it for things that can't be done with my babylock It is my machine of choice to use.

What she does not like about this machine
I had to learn how to thread it and that was hard as it is a bit bitsy and tempramental there. But once I fully understood the how and why of overlocking this becaem relatively easy.
Yes it is manual threading but I don't have any issues with that


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