Sunday, December 25, 2011

Means and Ends

Means: The patterns, process, actions, keys, words. Myriad of multitude.
Ends: The realization, fruition, completion. Result. Done.

To confuse these, brings me pain.

This is important, and I will not waste my time with people who do not realize the pain this confusion brings about.

Becoming harsh again, crystallizing the molten psyche.  From void to steel. Strength from weakness. Order and disorder from chaos. Chao, prime.

But with a smile. Cookies with a smile.

I've been a fanatic on every front in my life, at one point or another... fanaticism is the result of confusing means and ends.
(That is not written in E-Prime, pretend it was... pretend everything is spoken and written in e-prime)


I re-read what I wrote and even in such a small amount of time I can nit-pick myself over my generalizations.  Everyone has the potential to be someone special... but they are also simulacrum. Both are loved, both light and darkness ripping, tearing, loving, playing, verbing everywhere.

Aum, um
Say. Ah. Ah. Ah. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Bondage, constriction, division, outline, quanta, package, dollar, restriction, restraint, holding form, stability, four, chariot, emperor, cycle, repeat.
Release, exhale, smoke, formless, flow, energy, chaos, unpredictable, spending dollar, air, the four suits, de-scrambled eggs.

Any[thing] True Will to be Discovered == Cutie mark to be earned

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