Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blocking Sites -> Writing Blog Entries

So, I've been withdrawing from the online community as of late. Here, let me post my hosts file:
[nak@arch ~]$ cat /etc/hosts
# /etc/hosts: static lookup table for host names

#    canv    canv    facebook    facebook    localhost.localdomain    localhost arch
::1        localhost.localdomain    localhost

# End of file
Whaaa?! Yes - I've decided to block a couple sites (I don't know how long I can live without I've been really addicted to that site the past couple months, even setting aside full days to doodle-dick around, which I can't say isn't productive.  It is productive, in ways like this:

[Link to Thread]

Oh well, I just spend a good 10 minutes checking out threads on when I got that link (had to comment out in /etc/hosts of course) There was a really neat one in #abstract where a fellow wanted to find out what happened to a innertube when it was cut in a spiral... and someone posted a vihart youtube video:

Which was a treat, vihart makes the best videos (I'm jelly).

ANYWAY, what I did with all my freetime today! WOoo000.

I found this neato website just click and you'll be greeted with a super video showing it's font creation interface so I signed up last night (going in fully aware that font creation is a time consuming processes that takes a lot of patience -- I tried it years ago)


I started making a font last night (I think I did up to S or R then got sick of the pattern I was going with (5x5 bricks aka font parts) and decided to do something with a bit more wiggle room: -- I've decided to call it 'Horny' for now, and that's a step up from my friend calling it 'Satan's Anus' lol -- maybe I'll end up calling it 'Mindsforge', but I sort of want to make another font for that name.

Took me some of last night and a lot of today to get that far (All caps and some basic punctuation, and it still needs some tweaking, but I sort of like it!)

I've also been wanting to experiment with using the CSS shadow as a glow, I think it turned out pretty sexy.

I can be hypnotised by my work... I am, probably, I just don't even know it!

Love, The End

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