Friday, February 24, 2012

The Fly (1986)

I just recently watched The Fly (1986) with Jeff Goldblum playing the scientist who got too drunk while playing god.

I really liked the maggot prop in the horrific abortion nightmare from the movie. Take a look here... warning, it's graphic.

That's a prop I wouldn't mind trying to build to be honest.

After Seth Brundle mixes genetics with the fly he takes on a personality of someone who's come down off a really good acid trip and decided to smoke a bowl of methamphetamine to keep the glow going.  He settles down after a while, but becomes grotesque.  I found it interesting how they talked of "the flesh" before the transformation -- pretty interesting message...

I couldn't help but laugh at all the terrible gore and juices, not that it was badly done, just that it was horrifying.  I really liked it and think it would be fun to make scenes like that.

You can also easily draw parallel between Kafka's Metamorphosis and this movie, the difference being Brundle had to get someone to care about him before he went through the metamorphosis while the character in Metamorphosis had a family to begin with.

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