Monday, February 6, 2012 Partial Life Inventory

Age 10> "I'm a decade old!!" -- I remember climbing the tree in the back of my aunts yard thinking about decades. I probably had a phoenix suns shirt that my mom got me, she was really into that. 5th grade, I was really into spies, and reading about UFOs and carnivarous plants and mars missions. Magic trick books and I prided myself on knowing where everything was in the library at school. Being a 5th grader was almost being a head-honcho 6th grader. I remember having intense crushes at this time of my life. I had braces.

Age 13> "I'm a teenager now..." -- puberty frightened me, I worried about having a wetdream because I learned about them from sex-ed.  If I got a boner at night I would get a flashlight and check to see if anything new and weird was happening. Started getting fuzzy, I loved The Matrix and made friends with some more secretive types, we'd hang out after school concoting "chemistry experiments" (as to not alarm the DHS).  At one point we put koolaide powder in a peice of paper and I was like "I'll smoke that hurr hurr!". I spent the night over at that house alot with the kid that lived there, we would login to IRC and DCC sub7 trojans to people and have cheap adolescent fun.  Also defaced the districts webpage BY ACCIDENT because they had their frontpage extension setup wrong, wow, good times.

Age 16> I got glasses my Junior year of highschool -- I was getting nearsighted, maybe because of a growth spurt and/or computer use. I started a science and tech. club and participated in my other friends extracurricular activities.  No sports.  There was a cacophony of lunchtime clubs, which was nice because you could eat inside around other people that were talking about interesting things. I was printing an underground student newspaper at the time which caused a a little rucus, and my ability to cause trouble with computers was also increasing, and I was still having fun with that.  I wore a labcoat to school. I liked this girl who wore one but she graduated, and I've always wanted to be a mad scientist so it worked out. It became sort of a security blanket once everyone wasn't intrigued by it anymore.  My cohorts began wearing them to, which was to my chagrin -- my individuality! Now were like a gang of evil nerds, which was sorta cool :)


Age 25>Constantly learning, reading and creating now that I've dropped out of school. Programming, esoteric teachings, painting, electronic engineering... as of late (past 6 or 7 months... maybe longer) I've been recovering my brain ("the drugs" really did a trick) and working on delving deeper and deeper into the workings of Linux, web development, and programming in general.  Like, today I was figuring out the differences between 64bit and 32bit assembly instructions, as well as looking into nginx.  Last night I checked out a programming language called Rust (its really new and in development).  I'm making plans to move off my friends VPS onto my own so I can begin hosting sites in order to make some money (I'll continue squatting until I actually have a client I think).  I've set up a vpn recently (without knowing how at first) which paid very well (first well paying computer job!) and has allowed me to buy some new stupid toys, but its also seed money for a business... oh yes, living on my dad's couch and helping him out, he has parkinsons and I've got to witness it progress, yay. Don't worry I don't get offended by MJFox jokes... offended people make me sick

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