Monday, March 5, 2012


Cool :)

Had some interesting issues on the first stress test (thanks /g/):
  1. redis.conf wasn't up to snuff, had a limit on memory that got filled up and closed redis-server (128mb)
  2. Collectively we drew 135,297 dots before the hiccup.
  3. More than one auto-clicker completely removes natural rate limiting!
  4. Loading that many dots onto the canvas iteratively took some major CPU work on client-side
Tail of redis.log:
[2229] 05 Mar 06:09:46 * 10000 changes in 60 seconds. Saving...
[2229] 05 Mar 06:09:46 * Background saving started by pid 13388
[13388] 05 Mar 06:09:46 * DB saved on disk
[2229] 05 Mar 06:09:46 * Background saving terminated with success
[2229] 05 Mar 06:11:10 # WARNING: vm-max-memory limit exceeded by more than 10% but unable to swap more objects out! 
Redis config changes:
  1. No more saving to disk at all
  2. doubled amount of vm-max-memory (although that shouldn't be needed)
  3. other small stuff...
Wrote a small node script that checks Redis every 5 minutes, if there are more than 25k dots, delete the key and start fresh.

  1. Rate limiting, should be simple enough. Maybe... Or even some simple machine learning to rate limit specific users ^____________^
  2. Clone color of other artists by clicking their dot.
  3. Fix horizontal position on indicator 'X' when resize and horiz. on mouse location on canvas. 
  4. Move exclusion marker on connect to currently excluded ID (needs to wait until DOM load)
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