Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Tool

Multi-Project TODO list.
Small note maker thingy, maybe like evernote, but I've never used that so IDK.

Because this is a misuse of a blog and I hate signing up for complex stupid sites when all I want is to make some quick notes or lists that need to "checked off"

Maybe even make it have a nice command-line interface, but it would also be nice to have a community so certain projects can gain social momentum.  Like my dotty list could have "e-props" or whatever to get the author more excited about actually doing whatever it is that IT wants to do. Then mayhaps collaborations could form.  Github is nice, but a little too complex for my personal tastes and is just a huge barrier between the layperson and version control of stuff.
The idea really isn't version control as it is ... just a thingy... idk, maybe I'll sketch it out.

The idea of taking a big problem and dividing into smaller tasks is what computer programmers do all the time, and the skills used for that can be applied in many areas of "problematic life".

I don't want to get too retarded here, but it makes me think "What are these problems and why are we trying to solve them?" -- then it reminds me of a revelation I had a couple days ago with "The medium is the massage" -- the problems give us something to talk about.  It doesn't matter what the problem is, it's just that we're talking is the whole point of it.

So there's groups of people who devise complex things, layers of abstraction I suppose, machines, social structures and relationships of people and people, self and selves, machine and consciousness, what have you...

And the content is beside "the point", the point being the joy of using a medium for communication.

I've also been noticing this weird thing going on with the internet connection:

I't's "pulsing" or something this is during a torrent download and I have the upload limited to 100kbs at the moment, I was seeing if limiting the up would help... and it didn't.

I don't know what's happening

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