Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lathing Poo

The Lathe of Heaven is a book I want to read.

I wonder why?

Google has my emails, my blog, my G+ social net, and is constantly crawling the web with magic black boxes that can return search results in fractions of seconds to billions of users around the world.


press play and read

My friend's friend, or should I say -my friend- (since we're friended on FB)  was recently admitted to a university is now being asked to withdraw.  It would be too much red tape to have them force him out after admitting him, and there's no chance they want to work together with him anymore.


Reason 1, 2 or 3? No, not at all my friend, this is the reason they gave:

Because of using the girl's bathroom while equipped with a penis.

No official or un-official complaints.  But that is the reason according to the school duders.

Not sure if that's the real reason.

Anyway, in the future there will be no currency. In the future there will only be entities vying for your attention.  Attention will be the new currency. Keep being "interesting" world, and you've got my attention.

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