Friday, March 9, 2012


Online journaling now? Tsk tsk. ;)
What has this blog become?!

Anyway today spent some time doing real life stuff which was different. I will also say it was good for me.

I've been working on building a cultural-bubble around myself. Cutting myself off from mainstream, sidestream, wigglestream, etc.

Family, friends (internet and otherwise)

Website communities, IRC chats.

It could go further.  I could stay logged out of AIM/G-Talk.

I do HEAR :stuff: (I like to call the stuff memes, idea genetics) from the TV across the hallway when it's on.  And my dad puts NPR on every once in a while.  Like, I had no idea about this Kony fellow (I dont know if that's how you spell it) until I heard some news program talk about it from the TV across the hall.  Then I went on (I should block that site again...) and saw all the Kony remixes (no pun).  Haven't seen the youtube video, and I plan to keep it that way.

Everything is coming in your head to put it crudely, and you create a zygote through interpreting the meme.  What goes from the mating and is expelled through your expressions is another meme that goes into other's heads so on and so forth.  Words hardly make sense to me, its more of a shapely thing that occurs, evoking some sort of imagery of the real, or simulated construct.

I can be negative about things that I see on the TV tube.  CEO goes to work with his "low level" employees. Helps a few out, I see this as putting makeup on rotten meat.  What little bit of "the problem" being shown to the world and being dressed up in Lisa Frank band-aids.

I could go back and re-edit.... and I do a lot of the time, but sometimes I think to scramble an egg ruins it in a sense, but on the other hand, it makes it easier to consume.

I drank a raw egg once, just to see what it felt like.

I'm not sure if I want to continue down the rails path at the moment, it seems pretty cool, but it seems like a 80/20, where rails decides 80 and I wiggle around on the 20... I guess that's why it's called rails :P no real wiggle room, which can be useful in some situations, quick idea to market (as long as the idea can fit on a train!)

However, I am not going to be so quick to give up Ruby, I think I might try to do some scripting with it next time I feel like reaching for Python or abusing Node.JS.

But now part of me wants to write my own framework, on node probably.  Maybe something that gives me the 80/20 of Rails, but since I wrote it I would know exactly what the 80 is, and could add features to the railway as needed instead of digging through massive API libraries.  I like the idea of having JSON config files to setup ideas, then have the main program thing look at the JSON to setup the right stuff for whatever application needs.

Something that I haven't found is a template language in the vein of EmbeddedRuBy or embeded PHP, actually, there is EJS (Embedded Javascript) but I haven't really figured that out yet, that was the last hiccup I had with Express before I gave up using it last time (Dotty was almost express until I said FORGET THIS. And had apache serve all the static files)...


server: {
  port: 80,
  local_root: __dirname,
  static_dirs: ['images', 'javascript', 'styles'] }  
database: {
  require: 'mysql',
  client: createClient({user: 'root', password: 'root'}),
  models: ['models'];

etc . idk, maybe it could work, something like that but a bunch more stuff until it just looks unbearable :P

whatever, gonna watch a movie, 1975...

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