Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping, building for the burn

I got the VU meter on a piece of PCB, the picture on the veroboard before wasn't a functioning unit, I made a mistake going straight to soldering the unit, without breadboarding it first. The pictures is of the unit when it was almost done, I strapped a 9v battery on with a zip tie and added a switch for on/off. I then zip tied it to the front wheel of my bike, it looks pretty cool, I tried taking some video but you really can't see much.

I also took a trip to savers and got some playa clothings, went to target and spent the rest of my giftcard on medicines (like tums and tylenol and pepto) also went to walgreens and got a 3 pack of rubbers, just in case something AWESOME happens and a box of top so I can roll some party cigs :)

Leaving on Saturday!

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