Friday, August 1, 2008

Light Chaser

So I got my All electronics order today and got a lot of the light chaser project done (It's in the picture). The yellow wires go to 1/8" mono jacks. It's 'my own design' but it's pretty simple, just a 555 timer hooked to a 4017 decade counter with some resistors for the LEDs and a pot to control the rate, that was the hardest part, I tried a few different combinations of components until I thought of adding a ~1k resistor in series with the pot and making that R1, that make it sexy and awesome, I had 3 LEDs hooked up at one point to test the circuit.

It also looks like I'll be playing on the 19th again, minds changed, plans were made... so... yay! Here's the lineup:
Melted Cassettes*
Geiger Retort
NaK (me)
Ok Cool (couldn't find a myspace)
(*linked in previous post)

I also got my prophet64 cartridge in the mail, I think my C64 has the older crappier SID in it, I guess the newer ones got SIDs with better filters. I played around with that a little, but didn't get very far.

Tomorrow is another local burning man party (rebar bender), hopefully I can get my LED project thing done, or even work on it there.

Here's a link to my attempt at throat singing. I said I would post it!

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