Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here are my babies, I bought the green/black one on ebay as non-working, got them today, cleaned up the cartridge contacts and the battery contacts and the PCBs, and ta-da! They work! The green one was harder to get working, as it involved getting a cartridge saturated with isopropyl alcohol and jamming it in and out a few times, but now it works consistently.

The LSDJ-MC2 sold today for $184.50.

Now I am just waiting for my Weller soldering iron to get here, I would like to start working on some projects!!!

I also got "Six Easy Pieces" by Richard Feynman, I'll probably ram my way through that tomorrow and get packed up for DEFCON 16! Leaving Thursday for that.

I took my sis to school to get her a new bus pass, they are using RFID now!! This is so exciting, I want to hack it!11 Time to sell the magstripe writer and get some RFID equipment XD...

I'm also waiting on a memory card reader for smart media cards so I can load custom samples from my computer to my Korg ES-1, as well as some cheap ($1.18) red laser modules to hook up to that light chaser box... just imagine that running with lasers in a dusty/rainy environment, omgomgomg.

ARGH!! I want that soldering iron soooooo bad ;3; piri piri piri!

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