Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Show video and playa bike update

I borrowed my dad's dremel tool and got the PVC elbow's inside diameter to fit the bike's handle bars (which will be epoxied) I will drill a little hole in the elbow and run the wire out to the solar panel in the middle of the handlebars which will be secured with zip ties and probably duct tape :-P

The show last night went very well, met Chris of yatagarasu, very cool fellow really enjoyed his highly energetic performance! Talked to the coitus and got to look at some of his instruments, I really liked his strobe + squarewave oscillator instrument that had a photocell resistor on it, it was build into a flashlight casing, very nice! Melted cassettes broke my eardrum (not really) but that's not a bad thing, manzareeeta~ cool UV patterns all over.

Well here's the video my sister took of my performance:

I also got a large chunk of PCB board from the shack today, going to be soldering up the VU meter on that for spoke mounting :)

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