Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just rambling, but oh yeah FUN rambling

Heck yea its SATURDAY!

I cut soldered and recorded the building of the rest of the light chaser thing this morning, then I danced around it to some CD I got at a rave I went to with my IT security professor, then after that I went to a burning man rebar bender party until like 9ish and it was pretty great, bought some sam adams and drank some of them and some margaritas and some cherry vodka and some other beer that was really good. My light chaser thing decided to die on me so I was like darn, until a guy showed up to the party with a really nice weller soldering iron, I was jealous, and I fixed it. Then we talked about atmel stuff and his monkey electric POV bike light mods 'n stuff. I met a lot of people. At the beginning of the party we were trying to figure out a way to power a pump, so we went to goodwill to find a power supply 12vdc at 2.5A, but there were none to be found UNTIL I found a computer at 1/2 price 19.99/2 = 10. We used the 10 dollar computers power supply for the pump, it was pretty fantastic and fun doing that. At first I used the 5 volt output and I was like shit... I forgot the yellow wire was 12 volts. But all ended well with the pump working, it was tiiiiiight.

I'm drinking a lot of water right now in order to hydrate myself before I go to sleep so I don't ever have to experience a hangover, ALRIGHT, this is GREAT.

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