Thursday, September 23, 2010

lol @ "positive thinking" but not postive thinking

Great section made me laugh a bit in this book... "Journey into Light" - Ann Ray
I have been associated with groups of people who practiced "positive thinking". The friends I made were nice pleasant people but they seemed to lack some vital force and when I was with them, I always had a strong urge to say the most negative things I could think of. The emphasis on the positive was accentuated in some of the people, including the minister of their church, by an offshoot course from the original Silva Mind Control, where one is trained to go into light trance and re-program thinking into positive channels. The pressure of negative energy, undealt with, then built up and built up and this was especially true of the minister, whose emotional life split off from his spiritual philosophy. Finally his private life erupted into public view with shady financial dealings in the church budget, power plays on the church board of directors, an affair that hurt and embarrassed his model wife and led to divorce, plus pandemonium in the church itself, which lasted for weeks, including a Sunday morning service with a new interim minister (a lady). The old minister rushed to the podium, shoved her aside, grabbed the microphone, and asked the congregation to follow him to another church. This very emotional plea split the congregation down the middle and, forgetting all about positive thinking, they began to bicker and to each other down and the devotional spirit vanished from the church.

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