Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ralph Nader at NAU

So I saw a sign saying Ralph Nader's talk was moved to another auditorium on campus (Audrey Auditorium) and wanted to go check him out, I found out that you needed to have a ticket and NAU ID, it turned out Bryce had a ticket and didn't want to go, and I still had my old ID.

I was able to make it to the speech and sat through his main portion but left as soon as he opened the floor for Q and A, I was tempted to advertise the local pirate radio station since he mentioned that the airwaves are the people's.

There was a bit on outsourcing, how we live on a finite planet, how "even the rich won't be able to escape", how being conservative with your energy usage saves money, so "going green" is economically sound as well as healthy for the planet (he didn't use that horrendous term though)...

He also talked a lot about how we've grown up corporate and have no real interest in civil matters. This part of his talk was most intriguing to me, and has inspired me to go investigate local matters to the best that I can, maybe sit in on some council meetings or something.

I took a bunch of video, probably around and hours worth... I might have enough time to put it on google video or youtube, or maybe I could do a highlights reel.

Anyway, I'm going to go be a hedonist and cook up some potatoes and eggs and put them in a burrito with some salsa and eat it up. yum yum.

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