Tuesday, September 7, 2010


From an MBDB trip report on Erowid:
"Inside the forest was where I was struck by some of the most intense emotions I've ever been so fortunate to experience. As the wind moved through the leaves on the trees, something in my spirit came to attention. It felt as though the sound of the leaves was carefully orchestrated, anything but random; a song with an idea attached to it. This flood of feeling is causing me to shake. I turn my eyes to the trees surrounding, and I am blown away. The perceptions of beauty are overwhelming. I feel as though I am being called -- pleaded with -- to come home. The term 'Mother Nature' takes on new meaning. Having no coping mechanism for this type of experience, I'm reduced to muttering somewhat incoherently about how glorious this natural earth truly is. The Human Impact, the wars, the pollution, the consumption of resources, the rate of extinction, all of these things are temporary, and they too will pass. Nature's force is unrelenting, and eternally patient. This is what I learned. "

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