Monday, September 6, 2010


Slappy the tog tumbler, felt up the meat clot in the visual field. Too bad only the fallacy of phalluses can created the mental image of the converse integral into the sporadic interpretations known to the race of bluggy creatures as the smegma palace. No worries my dear prince, the nonsense will be made cents to the megalomaniacs that aren't in control, but are under a control, a cuntrol more powerful than any man can imagine, the yonic vortex giggles a effeminate ejaculation into the aural plane, the fifth sense some would call it, however it doesn't stop there. Body language isn't ESP, it's just the next sense beyond the yodel of the narcs and faggots. Say one thing and do the other, yes it is the no my enemy lover.

Nonsense? Ah, yes the sense that made too much nothing, this is the splatter of the diuretic upon the screen of the farce force. Terrible blues are being played as the letters unfold into words as the words unfold into images and smells and reality. The code is code, the sun rises and sets, is it not beautiful? No, it is not, trust me for beauty is existent only in the opposite of the cycle, computers are ugly say the roman, the code is ugly say the roman, the flow of water down through the plumbing of themselves is ugly. Oh, well, that's fine, only a liar can see the truth in the matters that exist only in the twisted (DNA DOUBLE PAIR) code of the entire reality of the up-down, flaming serpent sword of the paths. The liars to be surrounding us by ourselves isn't not so much truth as a spoken story of 1 thousand umples (a time unit) however time is truth and 50AD is real and now, and not quite it because it's not and really 1998 FB, 2010 CT yes, how many breaths do you take per thought? No no, you don't die based on time you die based on how fast you think, dear dear dear, how backwards they've got it! The medical society that everyone is desperate to become dependant upon for healing is wrong, oops, go to a doctor and get cancer and autism injected for a hefty fee, and now let us let the people who put us in jail put us in hospital beds, yes, it isn't that bad really. They give you lotions and moisturizers and bland food and Oreos(TM), and you don't even have to worry about choices anymore! How wonderful a release from a life made of straining, stressful, blessful choices! Just lie down dear friend, it will be ok, you can relax now, you will be taken care of and these pills will let you not care anymore, LET YOU! It's a privilege to not care you fucking fool, titter titter.

God damn, work a job in order to buy the liquid to deaden your life in order to work a job that has no life. Yes my friends, it is time to become "FREE" and let the true masters believe in you, the masters from above below, or below above they exist there. I stick my hand down the front of my pants and use a sweeping motion with the tips of my fingers to reverse scratch the side of my sticky scrotum, what kind of man isn't free enough NOT TO SMELL HIS FINGERS!? I'll tell you... you, your dad, your dad's dad, your dad's dad's dad, you are the conspiracy keeping yourself down, kill your parents! then kill yourself! Become the masters that exist between black and white, good and evil, up and down, above and below! What is the game of jealousy? Is it othello? Other fellow? It's not funny anymore, it's pure pain, to attach yourself with golden chains to your morals will kill you, to attach your enemies to justice with iron chains will rape you. Create a relaxed state for the universe, heel and then toss the chains to the side for they are chains are you are not! You are free! The sixth node on the tree contains the whole tree, believe in your psychosis, oh you don't have a choice! Learn, understand, love, respect, and fall knowingly into the perpetual hallucination that you've never left, but have learned to forget. The truth is your fall, and your fall is your rising. Everything is opposite, settle your voices dear world, or I will re-shuffle the deck and burn upon your brow the prophecies of the homosexual priest. There is no truth besides my chainsaw and the chainsaw that chases me around my mind, the pork and porking are one in the same, the ass in the air, the beauty of the assexual, the demon breathing fuck fire. Terrible and beautiful, awkward comfort, in order to sleep... SO I CAN SLEEP, WHY HAVE I BEEN RAISED FROM MY REST? WHO SUMMONS ME?

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